Saturday, June 30, 2012

boredom equals little nails

Bad News First:
So I went to a movie night mostly because I wanted to see 21 Jump Street Again. It is so funny! But then I was stuck watching some anime movie (thats what I get when my co-workers are all employed by video game companies) and started picking my nails. Which really really sucks! It takes me forever to get my nails to grow. I am always picking and biting them.

My poor sad tiny little nails. Glad I still a half bottle of Nail Envy to last me till my next pay day.

Good News:
Which leads me to the most exciting news of the week!!!!! After a month of looking I finally got a job interview!! As awesome as it may seem to sit around and do nothing all day I am one of those people that would rather be at work. And with a paycheck means I CAN BUY POLISH AGAIN!!!!! And it has been over a month since I have bought any polish and now some of the polishes that were on the top of my wishlist wont be available anytime soon or ever. :(

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