Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Its been two whole days!

I havent painted my nails in two days. I feel naked! I have just been working on finding a job. When I had a job I never really believed that it was hard to find a job with retail and all that but now that I need one they are no where to be found!

I've applied everywhere. It sucks a lot! It sucks even more that I cant buy any nail polish! So I have been entering every giveaway I see trying to win some of those gorgeous indie beauties.

I guess for now it gives me an excuse to use some of the polishes in my untried box. 
I will be starting this challenge next week and it should be fun. And what a great idea to start it off with glitter! Who doesnt love glitter?!
  1. Glitter
  2. Water marble
  3. Flower
  4. Animal
  5. Gradient
  6. Galaxy
  7. Animal spots
  8. Dots
  9. Lines
  10. Superhero(es)
  11. French tip variant
  12. Video game
  13. Favorite movie/tv show
  14. Mustache
  15. Free for all


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