Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To the Moon and Back

I have another gorgeous polish from Different Dimension. Oh how I love Different Dimension polish. If you dont own at least one you are not a very good polish addict. 

This beauty is called To the Moon and Back. 
Missi describes the polish as  'another great layering polish. It has a light blue pearl base packed with blue and silver holographic glitter and holographic moons and stars.'
This is a perfect description although I wouldnt really think of it as a layering polish as you will see in the pictures below. 
I also love the meaning behind the name as she states on her Etsy.

'I always make it a point to tell my kids that I love them to the moon and back <3'

This first picture is three coats all buy it self. It is pretty opaque in my opinion. :) I did have to fish out some of the glitter put I am also impatient when shaking up polish with glitter haha. 

This picture is the same as above but with flash. I think it shows the holographic glitter well. I love the moon on my pinky. :D

 And this last one is one coat over Sally Hansen Midnight Sky, I think it gives it a little more depth but other than that I dont think you can really tell it is layered over anything. 

I love that this polish has moons and stars! And its blue. One of my favorite colors to paint my nails. Yet again I am very impressed with this brand. Different Dimension is amazing polish and I have yet to be disappointed by even one of them!

Make sure to check out Different Dimension on Etsy and Facebook!



And she just came out with an amazing holiday collection! Make sure to stay tuned!


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pink Storm

Lacey Lou makes some of the most interesting polishes!!! 
This beauty is called Pink Storm. 
Isnt it weird how the polish almost has a green tinge in the bottle? I was really intrigued by this polish. And I am so happy she sent it to me.

This is two coats of Pink Storm on its own. It is a pinkish purple base with small black and white glitter. It is really hard to describe this polish but the pictures are true to life so I will let them speak for themselves. 

For this one I painted my nails with China Glaze Fast Track and then sponged Pink Storm on the tips. I love the way this gradient looks!

This picture is with flash.

This picture is no flash indoor lighting. 

Once again I am very impressed with the creations Lacey comes up with!
Make sure to check out her Etsy shop and facebook!!!




Saturday, October 27, 2012

You are my Darling DIva

Darling Diva

Today I have another gorgeous polish from Lacey Lou!
This beauty is called Darling Diva!

This is three coats of this gorgeous jelly! It is a sheer red jelly filled with red, black and silver glitter. 

This is three coats! And it is gorgeous! And I had zero wear signs after wearing it for three days. It goes on very smoothly and has the perfect amount of glitter. I love it a lot! And of course I always use Lacey Lou's Veil Top Coat it makes the glitter shine even more!

Make sure to check out her etsy from more awesome creations. 

And she was a mini version of Maintenance Set!!!
So if you havent wanted to commit to the full size set but still wanted to try them out YOU NEED THIS!!! A link to the listing is below the picture. 
Mini Nail Beauty Maintenance Set

How could you not want these little cuties!?

Stay tuned ladies! Giveaway soon. shhhhhh

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Oh These Are What My Sweet Dreams Are Made Of.

Recently my friend Whitney A who heard from our friend Mindy J of a blog sale where TWO of my lemmings were up for grabs! Cheap and in amazing condition! 

In this first post I will show you I will show what I had been yearning for since the moment I saw it.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Glitter
By Dollish Polish

I love this glitter a gorgeous almost a white mint blue with shimmer.
And of course GLITTER!!

This is two coats. I feel like any more would completely cover all the glitter..

But I love andI love having girls that are always on the look out for great blog sales.

Anyway I am off to sleep. Good night my lovelies, 

Monday, October 22, 2012

Prelude of Light

I have the perfect mani for fall! Unless you are in Washington state like me where it is just rain. :(

This is my last of three bottles I have from Lucky 13 Lacquer. If you havent read my pervious posts. -_- which you should have you would know that Kyoti Jess has a Hylian Hero collection! God damn I love the Legend of Zelda one day I will own THE WHOLE COLLECTION! 

This is Prelude of Light. It is a gorgeous gold glitter. I got not describe it beauty in other word then what the wonderful creator has given
'Square holo silver, gold, and the tiniest rainbow bits reflect every bit of light.'

The gold in Prelude really brings out the gold undertones of Wallis. This combo looks amazing. 
 It you havent heard the song you really should and look I have made it convient for you! No lazy excuse about not finding it. :P

WATCH IT!!!!!!

Once you listen the polish will make more sense honestly she captures the songs and characters so well in this collection. But I have to admit as you may already know I love EVERYTHING ZELDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Make sure to check out Lucky 13 Lacquer's shop!


And her facebook page! Show some love ladies!!!


She has amazing product and even better customer service! She is in my top3 favorite indies!!!!


Saturday, October 20, 2012

No More

How simple could the words "No More'" seem to someone. It may seem silly for people not affected by domestic violence to think that these could be the hardest words to get out.  Domestic Violence is a VERY serious problem and I am sickened by the lack of awareness all because it shares a month with Breast Cancer. 
Missi over at Different Dimension made a special awareness polish for this mostly overlooked nightmare that millions of people have to deal with. 

Missi created this beautiful polishes called 'No More'.

This is two coats of OPI Pedal Faster Suzi

And we all now how I love to matte the fun out of my glitter!!!!

This polish goes to an excellent cause. 50%!!!!!!!! of each bottle will be donated to a local 
womens shelter!

Missi is only selling this polish until November 1st! This cause it important and some times ignored. Any bit of charity they can get will help more than you know!

Here is a link to the polish and more information on how you are seriously helping and standing against such a terrible unnecessary violence. 


Friday, October 19, 2012

Right To Vote.

I have been feeling pretty shitty lately so tonight will be a quick post. 

Its Different Dimension Right To Vote 2012!

This polish is awesome and not over the top patriodical. 

It is a white base with red with and blue glitter. Very subtle but SUPER AWESOME at the same time!

She also but a cute little flag on the bottom of the bottle!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Half Moons and Roses

This is an old mani but I noticed I had not yet put it up on my blog! And it is one of my favorite florals!

Yeah you can tell that it is an old pic since it still says tumblr. I really wasnt sure of this green but after wearing it for a whole day I loved it. And it was one of my most commented on manis, in real life, that is. 

I used China Glaze Aquadelic and American Apparel Mac Arthur Park. I used dotting tools to make the flowers! What do you guys think?


Monday, October 15, 2012

Lacey Lou's Dark Mermaid and More!

This is the first of multiple posts I will be doing about a MASSIVE amount of polish I received from one of my favorite indie polish makers! Lacey Lou!!!

So a little background first. Between May and August I was unemployed but I wanted to host some giveaways on my Facebook page, but I couldnt afford to buy any myself so I started asking if anyone wanted to donate some polishes because I mean whats the worst they could say? No. Big deal. But this began my love affair with Lacey Lou's polish! She sent me a few to review and they were incredible! So once I got a job I wanted to buy a polish from her! Honestly I would rather pay from polish from indie makers because it is what keeps them in business to keep making all of their amazing creations!

So I ordered Dark Mermaid.
Isnt ir gorgeous!? It is an awesome dark purple jelly filled with blue, silver and pink glitters of all shapes and sizes. Below is three coats!

So when I opened the box BAM this is what I found!!!!
Lacey is fucking rad! I can't believe she sent me all of these gorgeous beauties!!!!
So I have two more to show you tonight!

This one is called Summer Nights. It is pack with blue and silver glitter and silver stars and hearts! The picture below is two coats over OPI I Have a Herring Problem.

This next one is Afternoon Delight over China Glaze For Audrey. It has a very sheer blue base packed with tiny silver glitters. It is a great way to add sparkle to any mani!

 And because I am lazy and didnt feel like repainting my nails I decided to stamp them!!
This is probably the most used stamp in my collection. I use it constantly! It is from Bundle Monster plate BM210.

Make sure to check out Lacey's Etsy!

And stop by her Facebook page!


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Song of Storms

Ocarina of Time is by far my Legend of Zelda game. Almost an obsession. And I have to say Song of Storms is my favorite song in that game. With Bolero of Fire a close second.

I even have an amazing shirt to show my love! Hahaha N64 version  which is the best, but the revamped addition for the 3DS is also amazing!

Anyways on to the polish!!!!
This is Song of Storms from Lucky 13 Lacquer. Goddamn she is amazing! One day I will own her Hylian Hero collection, but more on that in a moment.

Here is one coat of Song of Storms over two coats of OPI I Have a Herring Problem. 
It is so gorgeous! Filled with blue and black glitter and silver squares! Fits perfectly!!!! 
And because Matte glitter looks AMAZING I matted this bitch!
I used Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.

Make sure to check out Lucky 13 Lacquer's polishes here:

And if you decided to buy any of her polishes which you should! Post them on my facebook page over at https://www.facebook.com/AdventuresAndMishapsInTheLandOfNailPolish
I would love to see all of your swatches!!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Curiosity and Amphitrite

A couple weeks ago I bought seven polishes from Different Dimension! You have seen the Pretty Little Liars collection but here are two more of her gorgeous polishes!

This is two coats of Amphitrite over one coat of Essie Sand Tropaz.

It is sooo beautiful and what sealed the deal for me was that it is named after the Goddess of the Sea, wife of Poseidon. I love all mythology!

And last I have Curiosity! 
"Curiosity was named in honor of the Mars rover Curiosity landing (and NASA hottie Bobak Ferdowsi)"

This is three coats. It is packed with glitter! I was scared that it might turn out like Orly Androgynie and we all know how terrible that was. Ugh. As you can see this polish IS INCREDIBLE!!!!

Make sure to check out more of Missi's amazing polishes over at her Etsy shop!


Pretty Little Liars

So I have to admit that the show Pretty Little Liars is a guilty pleasure. If you havent seen it you can watch the first two seasons on Netflix. The show is based mostly around 4 main characters. 

Spencer, Aria, Emily and Hanna.

But one of my favorite indie makers, Different Dimension, also watches the show and came out with a small collection!

First up we have Spencer!
Spencer is packed with red, silver and black glitter. The swatch below is three coats!

Next we have Aria. This is a gorgeous polish! Below, starting on the left, we have Aria over black (pinky and ring finger) Aria over dark blue (middle finger) and Aria over OPI Mermaid Tears. Unfortunately I live in Washington state so I can not capture the real beauty of this polish unless there is sun and it has been overcast for almost a week. :(

Here we have three coats of Emily! It is a gorgeous baby blue with darker blue and white glitters.

And last but not least we have Hanna. Hanna has light purple, dark purple, white and a dash of red in it. SOOOO GORGEOUS! The picture below is three coats!

Be sure to check out Different Dimension on Etsy! Missi makes amazing polishes! I have nine and none of them disappoint! 


I am thinking of giving this blog one more shot.

I was finally able to purchase some polish I have been lusting over for quite some time. 
I have three polish from Lucky 13 Lacquer's Hylian Hero collection!

Sorry for such a poorly lit picture. 
We have Song of Storms, Prelude of Light and Ganon.
Now I was having a really hard time deciding between the 3 of these polishes but in the end decided to just purchase Prelude of Light, but since Kyoti Jess is amazing and understands my obsession with Zelda she sent me minis of the other two I wanted to buy!!!! 

So for today I have pictures of Ganon! It is a gorgeous polish consisting of red/orange, dark green and brown glitter. Captures Ganon perfectly! In the pictures below I did a coat of Ganon over one coat of China Glaze Ingrid.

And we all know how awesome glitter looks when it is matted! I use Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.

Be sure to check out the other amazing polishes from Lucky 13 Lacquer! Here is a link! 
Now you have no excuse not to go take a look.