Saturday, October 13, 2012

Curiosity and Amphitrite

A couple weeks ago I bought seven polishes from Different Dimension! You have seen the Pretty Little Liars collection but here are two more of her gorgeous polishes!

This is two coats of Amphitrite over one coat of Essie Sand Tropaz.

It is sooo beautiful and what sealed the deal for me was that it is named after the Goddess of the Sea, wife of Poseidon. I love all mythology!

And last I have Curiosity! 
"Curiosity was named in honor of the Mars rover Curiosity landing (and NASA hottie Bobak Ferdowsi)"

This is three coats. It is packed with glitter! I was scared that it might turn out like Orly Androgynie and we all know how terrible that was. Ugh. As you can see this polish IS INCREDIBLE!!!!

Make sure to check out more of Missi's amazing polishes over at her Etsy shop!


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