Monday, October 15, 2012

Lacey Lou's Dark Mermaid and More!

This is the first of multiple posts I will be doing about a MASSIVE amount of polish I received from one of my favorite indie polish makers! Lacey Lou!!!

So a little background first. Between May and August I was unemployed but I wanted to host some giveaways on my Facebook page, but I couldnt afford to buy any myself so I started asking if anyone wanted to donate some polishes because I mean whats the worst they could say? No. Big deal. But this began my love affair with Lacey Lou's polish! She sent me a few to review and they were incredible! So once I got a job I wanted to buy a polish from her! Honestly I would rather pay from polish from indie makers because it is what keeps them in business to keep making all of their amazing creations!

So I ordered Dark Mermaid.
Isnt ir gorgeous!? It is an awesome dark purple jelly filled with blue, silver and pink glitters of all shapes and sizes. Below is three coats!

So when I opened the box BAM this is what I found!!!!
Lacey is fucking rad! I can't believe she sent me all of these gorgeous beauties!!!!
So I have two more to show you tonight!

This one is called Summer Nights. It is pack with blue and silver glitter and silver stars and hearts! The picture below is two coats over OPI I Have a Herring Problem.

This next one is Afternoon Delight over China Glaze For Audrey. It has a very sheer blue base packed with tiny silver glitters. It is a great way to add sparkle to any mani!

 And because I am lazy and didnt feel like repainting my nails I decided to stamp them!!
This is probably the most used stamp in my collection. I use it constantly! It is from Bundle Monster plate BM210.

Make sure to check out Lacey's Etsy!

And stop by her Facebook page!



  1. These polishes are DOPE!!! I have to leave your blog for now to go check them out!!! But I will be back!!!

    1. You should buy some! They are amazing! She makes such gorgeous polishes, and very unique. :)


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