Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh the holo goodness

Oh Black Friday how I love your sales.

I have two AMAZING polishes to show you the first I have tried from the brand Chirality and dear god they are fucking amazing! Not to mention the name is awesome and nerdy. Here is an official definition of the word.

What is chirality?
Throughout the biological world, in all living things, there are molecules which have a right- and a left-hand form. The two forms are like a person’s right and left hands -- almost identical, only reversed. They are mirror images, but they aren’t superimposable. That is what we mean by chiral.

On to the polish! 
First up we have Katydid! This is such a gorgeous green holo and full coverage with just two coats! Their store describes the polish like this: 
"It's a Saturday night and the clubbers are out in full swing, especially at Club Chirality. Bodies are moving, swinging, and sweating, but all of the men can't keep their eyes off the female siren in the middle of the dance floor. Instead of using an enticing voice though, she uses her powers of stridulation which come from her long, beautiful legs. Once she plays her song of the siren, no man can resist." 
There is no possible way to capture the beauty in a picture.

And second we have my new favorite! Cu2+ look at the gorgeousness!!!!!
And the description in their store makes me love it more!
"A lonely scientist is working to compose the ultimate love potion. While working in her laboratory, a freak accident involving copper, or Cu2+, infuses to our heroine to create an electronically charged Siren. Who says elements from the periodic table can't be beautiful?"

By the way this is ONE coat! No undies! It has full coverage in ONE fucking coat! Amazing!

This next one lets you see the holo just a little bit better but not much.

After seeing these how can you possibly resist buying some! I know I will be adding some more to my collection soon!

Make sure to check out their Facebook and their store.

on a side note check out my AWESOME new shirt!

I know you are super jealous.
Goodnight loves!

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Polish on the Block!!!

Hello my loves!

I have very exciting news to share. Jess over at Too Cute-icle has started her own line of nail polish! Her shop doesnt open until December 2nd but I am lucky enough to show off two of her polishes that will get your mouth watering for them!

First up I have Butthurt Banana! Hahahaha the name alone sells the polish! Not to mention the adorable labels!

This is a gold base with black and red glitter and teeny tiny black glitter mixed in there.
This is two coats with no undies! The polish goes on beautifully and the glitter lays flat and smooth.

Personally I dont think I would wear this polish again just because the color doesnt look great on me but it is a well made polish and full coverage in two coats! I loved the quality of this polish!

Next we have my favorite!!!! OMG this glitter is gorgeous!
It is called Pretty, Pretty Princess!

This is two coats of Pretty, Pretty Princess over two coats of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. Perfect combination in my opinion! I tried it over a lot of different colors but I thought this looked best.

It is filled with blue, pink and silver glitter of different sizes and my favorite! HEX GLITTER! I dont know why I love it. 

And you knew I was going to do it!
I matted this son of a bitch! It looks so awesome I decided to keep it on for the rest of the day/tomorrow.


I encourage all of you to check out her blog, Facebook and her etsy shop when it opens. Dont worry I will remind everyone over on my facebook. 


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday Damage

Ok everyone. Be honest what damage did you do?

I am proud of myself I only spent about $85 dollars.

I bought two gorgeous polishes from Chirality Polish

I got Cu2+

 Image of Cu2+

And I got Katydid

Image of Katydid
*both pictures taken from Chirality's website.

Arent they fucking gorgeous!?!?! They have a lot more beauties on their site so go make sure to check it out. And become a fan on Facebook.

I also got the Mash nail art brush set off of Amazon that came highly recommended by 

And she does some amazing nail art! Make sure you check all of her art!!
I also got one of my huge lemmings! Nostalgic Lacquer Duckie.

And last but not least who could not take advantage of the Zoya Dream Box deal?! Three Zoyas for $20 and free shipping!!! I got the gloss collection Let Them Have Polish's post was what really made me what the collection. 

Free shipping deal is only good till 11/26/12

And I bought one more thing not polish related. If you read my blog you know my obsession with the Legend of Zelda and I had my eye on this shirt for awhile so I took a chance and checked out the site for a black Friday deal and it was 40% off!!! Score!!!!

So what was your damage? Let me know!


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Its a Trap-eze!

I got some more love the other day!!
I recently was cleaning house and gave away a lot of polish. And the wonderful Joanne over at Manicure of the Moment sent me a super awesome thank you gift!!! 

This gorgeous polish is called It's a Trap-eze from the new China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil collection.

This is two coats over Sally Hansen White On. I love it!! It is so gorgeous! And if you are a person that love the white polish with glitter combo you will love this!!

Thanks a ton Joanne!


Introducing Penguin Polish

Hello my fellow polish lovers!!!
One of my favorite indie makers, Lacey formally of Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile is now Penguin Polish!!!! And I have the honor of reviewing her new holiday collection!!!
What is best about the collection is that every single one can be worn anytime of year!

There are nine polishes in all but I only have eight, one didnt make the trip. Sad face.

So I already told Lacey I wasnt to fond of one, so I am gonna start with that one. Just because I dont like it doesnt mean some of you wont.

This one has a hilarious name it is called Penguin Poopies. Hahahaha. What a silly name. It is filled with black, white and purple hex glitter in a clear base.
Now I LOVE giant hex glitter but the only reason I didnt care for this one is that I had to fish them out. But even that didnt make it worth having. Although it is my least favorite I still like it. Did I mention it smells like sugar plums?! Yum!

This is one coat layered over China Glaze Pelican Gray.

Now this one is called Light the Menorah. It is in a sheer blue base almost a jelly. filled with gorgeous blue and sliver glitters. I love the silvers glitters because they are more like shards and they mix in perfectly. 
This is one coat of Light the Menorah over China Glaze Pelican Gray, but this can be worn with just two coats alone. I really like blue polish so this one is awesome.

 Now these next two polishes are sold as a yummy combo. This first one looks black but it is really a very deep chocolate brown. It is called MMMocha and it smell like a chocolaty coffee.
Sorry about the clean up I ran out of acetone.

This is two coats of MMMocha.

 This second part of this combo is Peppermint. Peppermint is a shimmery pearl with tiny red square glitter. So wearing MMMocha with Peppermint makes your nails smell like a yummy Peppermint Mocha with is always the most popular coffee drink during winter. I have experience being a barista so I know from experience. Hahaha

This is two coats of Peppermint over MMMocha.

This gorgeous red is called Rudolph's Nose. It is a gorgeous red base filled with red glitter.
This is two coats of Rudolph's Nose It is completely opaque. And covers beautifully. I love it! If you love red polish you need this polish!

This next polish is called Burnt Baklava. It is a very weird weird color. But I like it. It is an orangy brown shimmer color base with red hex glitter. It has multiple notes in it but I think it mostly smells like caramel and it is sooooooo yummy.

This is two coats of Burnt Baklava all by itself. It also covers wonderfully.

Now this next one is called Dreydl. I liked this one more than I thought I would. It is in a sheer shimmery base filled with my favorite! HEX GLITTER! It has blue, white, gold and silver hex glitter. 

This is two coats of Dreydl over Sally Hansen Golden-I. I didnt have to fish any of the glitter out and they lay flat with I love about glitter polish! I still cant explain my love for big hex glitter. This is my second favorite of the whole collection!

Ok now on to my VERY VERY FAVORITE of the collection!!!!!
 This one is called Redneck Christmas Tree.
And it is freaking AMAZING!!! 

It is an awesome sheer green shimmer base with the best glitter combination! Hex glitter, bar glitter, round glitter, and what looks like diamond shape glitter. It looks just like tree trimmings!

This is just two coats of this gorgeous beauty with a top coat of Seche Vite. Oh man I cant believe how much I love this one. I think it might be my favorite of Lacey's creations!

Just gorgeous! I cant stop staring at it!

Make sure you check out Lacey's new store and facebook!

Here are the links!!!

Facebook: Penguin-Polish

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I feel so loved!

Hello loves!!! I have a short but extra special post today! I recently recieved an RAOK (Random Act Of Kindness) from the gorgeous Whitney Altom over at Apple Loves Lacquer. Go check out her page! She is totally rad.

Anyways she surprised me with two polish and a hand full of samples. Including Zombie Flesh that has been on my wishlist FOREVER. 

This is two coats of Zombie Flesh over OPI Skull and Glossbones. It is so much more gorgeous than I ever thought it could be! It has so many tiny sparkles! I also happened to be wearing it while catching up on Walking Dead. Just a little side note. :)

Anyways have a awesome day everyone!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Its My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

I have three gorgeous polishes from Aphrodite Lacquer's birthday collection!! I have to say my favorite things about her collections is they always break the mold in my mind. Like everyone was doing fall/winter esque shades and BAM Aphrodite gave us a beautiful French inspired Spring collection and now with the heaps of holiday polish being shoved down our throats we have Aphrodite's gorgeous birthday collection! Her birthday happens to fall in December. 

She has come up with a fun collection just time so we can take a break from pine tree greens and cranberry reds.

Left to right we have Wrapping, Ribbons, Bows then It's My Party, and last but not least 'Never Too Old'

 So to the left here we have 3 coats of Never Too Old all by its lonesome. This polish has an almost jelly vibe, but
I'm not sure, it always tries a bit flat. On the right side here we can see  that with just a little top coat you can really these the tiny little sparkles in there. 

And what girl in her right mind would NOT want a dash of hot pink to livin of the party?! And this is exactly what this baby was made for!
This is just two coats for full coverage. It goes on so smooth. Not a pink I wouls usually wear but I think I might be able to pull it off. It has a stellar subtle shimmer that only barely catches 
your eye. This has to be in my top 5 pinks.

And below is two coats of It's My Party with flash! I dont know which one I like better. I know I like this because it upplays the shimmer but without flash really shows the neon pink it gives off. 

                                                                                                             And this gorgeous purple is called Wrapping, Ribbons and Bows. It has an amazing purple shimmer and is completely opaque with only two coats. But the purple did tend to be a bit gritty so just make sure you put on your favorite top coat and that will be
perfect. Thats what I did in the pictures in this
post. A top coat really works wonder!

What are your thoughts on this new and bright collection when it is rainy and yucky outside like it is where I am. I love the colors she used, and honestly the only thing I hate is that in order to make Never Too Old great is to add a top coat witch inst hard to do guys, Take a hint. :P

Off to bed. 
  Also make sure to visit Aphrodite Lacquers on Facebook and esty.

*These products were sent to me for honest review. If I dont not like a product I will not lie about it. Anyways enjoy creepin on the rest of my blog. I know it is super awesome!


Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first experience with cart jacking.

So this post is going to start out with a bit of a rant and then some pretty pictures.
During Hare Polish's last restock I had my first experience with cart jacking. It was fucking ridiculous. Restock was at 3, literally 30 seconds in I had four polish, at check out only two were left. Ugh it was so furstrating because two were going to be gifts. If an indie maker knows their products sell out like crazy dont you think they would have more on hand. 
So that was my rant.

Now for a little bad and a lot good.

First up I have Medusa Lumiuosa. Now this polish had been on my wish list for some time. But once I got it I have to say I was a little let down. The purple is gorgeous. No denying that. However the polish was on the thick side and you can barely see the iridescent glitter.
Now below is my photo this is two coats. But swatches I had seen were a little misleading.

So all and all it is a very pretty purple polish with a rich color. 

 Now for the good! This is two coats of Oceans of Alloy. And goddamn it is gorgeous!
It goes on perfectly and having more than one coat doesnt cover up the glitter. This polish is beautiful and a must for every collection! 

So overall Hare has some awesome polish. But the hassle of buying it was not worth it.

Your opinions?


Sunday, November 11, 2012

Major Fail

So I am a HUGE fan of MrCandiiPants. She is so many amazing designs. I dont know how she does it. And her tutorials are so simple yet mine come out kind of retarded. 

Here is the picture of the mani she did:

Amazing right?!
So she made an awesome video tutorial so I tried and failed. Hahaha so I will be trying it again soon. I think I just need practice.

Here is a picture of my attempt.

I know. It sucks. Hahaha but I will get better over time. :)
I used Essie Sand Tropaz and some black polish I picked up at Ulta.

Anywho here is a link to her facebook page:

And here is a link to her video tutorial:

I encourage you guys to check her out. She rocks!



I have soooo many stamping plates and they are being neglected.
So I decided to do a quick fall mani with some leaf stamps. :)

I love this collection of Essie polishes! They are insanely awesome for stamping!
First I started with two coats of Show Me Your Mossy Bank (a super awesome custom franken all for me) And I used Essie Penny Talk for the stamp.

For the stamp I used an image from plate BM04. It turned out so well. I love it!! 
What do you guys think?



Welcome to all the new followers!!!

I am so excited to have you here! Just a warning to you, I like to swear in my posts. Because I am that fucking serious about polish!

Anyways the good news!
Since I have reached this milestone I will be hosting a small giveaway!

This giveaway will only have ONE winner. And sorry ladies the giveaway is US only

First up I have a seven piece Color Club set. You can only see 6 in the picture but here is also a clear top coat included.

Unfortunately the Color Club polish dont have names. :(

Next we have a FULL size bottle of Robins Egg glitter from Memo's Mind and a MINI bottle of Loki from Kawaii Nail Lacquer. I have pictures of both these polishes below.

One coat of Loki over one coat of Show Me Your Mossy Bank.
You can also see my review of Kawaii Lacquer here

This is Robin's Egg glitter over a light blue. You can see my review of Memo's Mind polishes here.  

Be sure to fill out the Rafflecopter widget!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also be sure to check out Kawaii Lacquers and Memo's Mind Etsys


*Robin's Egg and Loki were donated by their makers.

Friday, November 9, 2012

No Whine Left

Today I have KB Shimmer No Whine Left.
I bought this polish on a whim. Ive never owned any of this brand but I was buying for someone else so I thought why not? And added one to the cart for myself.

This polish is gorgeous!

This is two coats of No Whine Left with no undies.
It is a gorgeous deep plum color with blue and purple glitter, they almost look like they are glowing! And it is rare that a polish looks JUST like the bottle. I love it!


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eggs and Bacon!

Who is the world does not love eggs and bacon!? (Don't lie vegans, we know you miss it)

Quite some time ago I had spied the Breakfast Duo by Tough As Nails Lacquer. But since I have mostly been good and not buying for myself they have just sat on my wishlist until just last week!

Tough As Nails Lacquer announced that she would be donating part of the proceeds to Soldiers' Angels.

Here was her original post about it.

 "My brother was killed in action on 6 November 2010 while serving with the 101st Airborne in the Kunar Province, Afghanistan. 

To honor him and all who fight for our country, I'm going to donate 10% of all sales made during the month of November toSoldiers' Angels (Official)." 

This made me incredibly sad. And as lucky as I am to have had my uncle come home safely after a year in Afghanistan, I know many are not so lucky.
This is a very important cause that helps a lot of people.
So that put me over the edge. I hopped on over to etsy and bought these polishes.

First up I have Go Sit On a Egg
This polish is awesome! 
It is full of orange, yellow and gold hex glitters of different sizes and some tiny holo glitters too! All in creme colors base.

This is two coats of one coat of Sally Hansen Sheer Me Now.

And what would eggs be without bacon?! It is the candy of all meat.
All the colors and shapes in this polish just scream BACON! The Baconian Method has brown, orange and red hex glitter. Orange and brown bar glitter and super duper itty bitty black and white glitter all packed into a clear base.

Below is two layers of The Baconian Method over two coats of Cult Nails Power Thief

And because you know I love it I matted the shit out of that glitter!!! And it looks awesome!!!
I used one coat of Hard Candy Matt-ly In Love

Anyways you guys should all head on over to her shop!

Not only is she donating to an awesome cause she also has rockin polish with cheeky names. 


Santa's Secret Stash Holiday Giveaway!!!!

It's Time for a Giveaway!!!!  And what makes this giveaway Super Special is Prizes are Super Secret:) (Well we will give you a sneak peek) but I can tell you there will be lots of indies, HTF's, customs, candy and other glittery goodies that are sure to knock your stockings off.

Here is a TINY peek at a couple of the prizes:

China Glaze Holiday Charms Mini Set

 Different Dimension 2012 Santa Baby Mini Set. 
You can see my review of a few of these here.

And even more goodies from these lovely ladies including myself!!!

Now for the boring stuff - i.e. The rules
- US only please (Sorry international ladies)
- Giveaway begins at 12:01am 11/8/2012 and ends at midnight on 12/1/2012.
- There will be 14 winners! Winners will be chosen by Rafflecopter.
- Winners will be contacted at the e-mail address they provided on Rafflecopter and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. You can only win ONE prize. Duplicate winners will be redrawn.
- Please don't cheat. All entries will be verified. Fraudulent entries will be disqualified.
Good Luck! Have fun!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And make sure you show some L♥VE to the AWESOME group of Ladies sponsoring this Fabulous giveaway:)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Santa Baby

Today I have 3 polishes from Different Dimension's new holiday collection and one other holiday polish mixing three of the most popular holidays into one!
Christmahanakwanzika! What a mouth full!!!

From left to right we have I've Been An Awful Good Girl, Santa Baby, Out of Space Convertible and finally Christmahanakwanzika!

First I will start with I've Been An Awful Good Girl.
This is one I was most excited about in the Santa Baby collection! It is a gorgeous light pink, shimmery base packed with all sizes and shapes of purple and pink glitters!

Below is two coats all on its lonesome!

Next we have Santa Baby, the collections name sake.
It has a mix of red, white and pink glitters in a clear base. This polish is equally as awesome for other holidays like Valentine's Day.

Below is two coats over two coats of Sally Hansen Sheer Me Now.

And the last one I have from the Santa Baby collection is Out of Space Convertible.
It is an awesome sheer black base with tons of gorgeous glitter! I am not even going to attempt name all the awesome glitters inside.

Below is two coats all by itself! But this polish dries pretty rough so make sure to use a top coat!

In this second photo I made it a little blurry to capture some of its sparkle!

And last but not least we have Christmahanakwanzika!
It has red, green, yellow, black and blue glitter. Its insane! And captures all three holidays.

Below is one coat of Christmahanakwanzika over two coats of China Glaze Midnight Kiss.

As always none of the above disappoint. Different Dimension has amazing polish and you are missing out if you dont own at least 4.

Missi has amazing polishes and crazy awesome customer service not to mention her shipping time is insanely fast!. 
Make sure to check out her etsy and facebook page!

Different Dimension on Etsy:

Different Dimension on facebook: