Saturday, November 3, 2012

Fanny makes me laugh

So yesterday I received some awesome polishes from Shimmer polish!
If you love glitter and havent heard of Shimmer polish, then you dont love glitter.

I already own three of these gorgeous beauties and now I have two more!!

First I will show you Sonia. 
Sonia is a gorgeous glitter bomb in a clear base. It has lots of light pink, gold and even some blue glitter.

This is one coat of Sonia over two coats of Sally Hansen Sheer Me Now.

Two coats of Sonia over two coats of China Glaze Grape Juice. I blured the picture a little to show off the awesomeness of the glitter!

And next we have Fanny. Hahaha that word/name will always make me giggle, I cant help it.
Fanny has a pink almost jelly base with dark pink, red and gold glitter. It looks gorgeous!

Above is three coats of Fanny all on its lonesome. It has great coverage!

 And because you guys should know by now, I matted the fuck out of that glitter! And it looks super awesome!!!!

These polishes are gorgeous and Fanny is my favorite so far.

Make sure you check out Shimmer on facebook and stop by their store to get some of your own glittery beauties!! You wont regret it!

Shimmer polish on Facebook:

Shimmer polish on Etsy:

But you better hurry! Shimmer Polish is going on a well deserved vaca and her store will be closed Nov 5th through Nov 26th!

xo Brittany


  1. Thanks girl! :)
    I hate taking pix of the polishes, so hard to catch the colors with flash...

    1. No prob! I love your polish! Fanny is my new favorite!!!


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