Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing Penguin Polish

Hello my fellow polish lovers!!!
One of my favorite indie makers, Lacey formally of Lacey Lou's Nail Stockpile is now Penguin Polish!!!! And I have the honor of reviewing her new holiday collection!!!
What is best about the collection is that every single one can be worn anytime of year!

There are nine polishes in all but I only have eight, one didnt make the trip. Sad face.

So I already told Lacey I wasnt to fond of one, so I am gonna start with that one. Just because I dont like it doesnt mean some of you wont.

This one has a hilarious name it is called Penguin Poopies. Hahahaha. What a silly name. It is filled with black, white and purple hex glitter in a clear base.
Now I LOVE giant hex glitter but the only reason I didnt care for this one is that I had to fish them out. But even that didnt make it worth having. Although it is my least favorite I still like it. Did I mention it smells like sugar plums?! Yum!

This is one coat layered over China Glaze Pelican Gray.

Now this one is called Light the Menorah. It is in a sheer blue base almost a jelly. filled with gorgeous blue and sliver glitters. I love the silvers glitters because they are more like shards and they mix in perfectly. 
This is one coat of Light the Menorah over China Glaze Pelican Gray, but this can be worn with just two coats alone. I really like blue polish so this one is awesome.

 Now these next two polishes are sold as a yummy combo. This first one looks black but it is really a very deep chocolate brown. It is called MMMocha and it smell like a chocolaty coffee.
Sorry about the clean up I ran out of acetone.

This is two coats of MMMocha.

 This second part of this combo is Peppermint. Peppermint is a shimmery pearl with tiny red square glitter. So wearing MMMocha with Peppermint makes your nails smell like a yummy Peppermint Mocha with is always the most popular coffee drink during winter. I have experience being a barista so I know from experience. Hahaha

This is two coats of Peppermint over MMMocha.

This gorgeous red is called Rudolph's Nose. It is a gorgeous red base filled with red glitter.
This is two coats of Rudolph's Nose It is completely opaque. And covers beautifully. I love it! If you love red polish you need this polish!

This next polish is called Burnt Baklava. It is a very weird weird color. But I like it. It is an orangy brown shimmer color base with red hex glitter. It has multiple notes in it but I think it mostly smells like caramel and it is sooooooo yummy.

This is two coats of Burnt Baklava all by itself. It also covers wonderfully.

Now this next one is called Dreydl. I liked this one more than I thought I would. It is in a sheer shimmery base filled with my favorite! HEX GLITTER! It has blue, white, gold and silver hex glitter. 

This is two coats of Dreydl over Sally Hansen Golden-I. I didnt have to fish any of the glitter out and they lay flat with I love about glitter polish! I still cant explain my love for big hex glitter. This is my second favorite of the whole collection!

Ok now on to my VERY VERY FAVORITE of the collection!!!!!
 This one is called Redneck Christmas Tree.
And it is freaking AMAZING!!! 

It is an awesome sheer green shimmer base with the best glitter combination! Hex glitter, bar glitter, round glitter, and what looks like diamond shape glitter. It looks just like tree trimmings!

This is just two coats of this gorgeous beauty with a top coat of Seche Vite. Oh man I cant believe how much I love this one. I think it might be my favorite of Lacey's creations!

Just gorgeous! I cant stop staring at it!

Make sure you check out Lacey's new store and facebook!

Here are the links!!!

Facebook: Penguin-Polish


  1. The logo looks so cute.
    Great nail polishes.x

    1. I kind of miss her old logos but these are super cute!

  2. Oh shit! Penguins are my favorite! I will buy these!!!!

    1. Melissa you totally should! Her customer service is great and I cant explain enough how amazing her scented polishes are! I used to hate scented polish so much until I tried hers!


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