Monday, November 19, 2012

Its My Party and I'll Cry If I Want To

I have three gorgeous polishes from Aphrodite Lacquer's birthday collection!! I have to say my favorite things about her collections is they always break the mold in my mind. Like everyone was doing fall/winter esque shades and BAM Aphrodite gave us a beautiful French inspired Spring collection and now with the heaps of holiday polish being shoved down our throats we have Aphrodite's gorgeous birthday collection! Her birthday happens to fall in December. 

She has come up with a fun collection just time so we can take a break from pine tree greens and cranberry reds.

Left to right we have Wrapping, Ribbons, Bows then It's My Party, and last but not least 'Never Too Old'

 So to the left here we have 3 coats of Never Too Old all by its lonesome. This polish has an almost jelly vibe, but
I'm not sure, it always tries a bit flat. On the right side here we can see  that with just a little top coat you can really these the tiny little sparkles in there. 

And what girl in her right mind would NOT want a dash of hot pink to livin of the party?! And this is exactly what this baby was made for!
This is just two coats for full coverage. It goes on so smooth. Not a pink I wouls usually wear but I think I might be able to pull it off. It has a stellar subtle shimmer that only barely catches 
your eye. This has to be in my top 5 pinks.

And below is two coats of It's My Party with flash! I dont know which one I like better. I know I like this because it upplays the shimmer but without flash really shows the neon pink it gives off. 

                                                                                                             And this gorgeous purple is called Wrapping, Ribbons and Bows. It has an amazing purple shimmer and is completely opaque with only two coats. But the purple did tend to be a bit gritty so just make sure you put on your favorite top coat and that will be
perfect. Thats what I did in the pictures in this
post. A top coat really works wonder!

What are your thoughts on this new and bright collection when it is rainy and yucky outside like it is where I am. I love the colors she used, and honestly the only thing I hate is that in order to make Never Too Old great is to add a top coat witch inst hard to do guys, Take a hint. :P

Off to bed. 
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*These products were sent to me for honest review. If I dont not like a product I will not lie about it. Anyways enjoy creepin on the rest of my blog. I know it is super awesome!



  1. Love them all!
    The black is actually a matte black... but I like it shined up with top coat also :)

    1. Oh I like to so much better with a top coat. I can see all the tiny glitter and sparkles that are in there!

  2. I love Aphrodite's shimmers in her polishes!! :)


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