Sunday, November 11, 2012

Major Fail

So I am a HUGE fan of MrCandiiPants. She is so many amazing designs. I dont know how she does it. And her tutorials are so simple yet mine come out kind of retarded. 

Here is the picture of the mani she did:

Amazing right?!
So she made an awesome video tutorial so I tried and failed. Hahaha so I will be trying it again soon. I think I just need practice.

Here is a picture of my attempt.

I know. It sucks. Hahaha but I will get better over time. :)
I used Essie Sand Tropaz and some black polish I picked up at Ulta.

Anywho here is a link to her facebook page:

And here is a link to her video tutorial:

I encourage you guys to check her out. She rocks!



  1. It looks great to me. A lot better than I would have done lol.

    1. Hahaha well I will be attempting it again soon.

  2. Did she hand paint that?! You did way better than I could have-I suck at hand painting!

    1. Yeah she did. She is crazy amazing. I recommend checking out her blog/youtube

  3. Oh my word she is crazy skilled! I bet you could find a stamp that would be similar look. I have found stamping to be not that big of a learning curve.

    1. Yeah I have tons of stamps but I think it is fun to try and do different things.


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