Thursday, November 15, 2012

My first experience with cart jacking.

So this post is going to start out with a bit of a rant and then some pretty pictures.
During Hare Polish's last restock I had my first experience with cart jacking. It was fucking ridiculous. Restock was at 3, literally 30 seconds in I had four polish, at check out only two were left. Ugh it was so furstrating because two were going to be gifts. If an indie maker knows their products sell out like crazy dont you think they would have more on hand. 
So that was my rant.

Now for a little bad and a lot good.

First up I have Medusa Lumiuosa. Now this polish had been on my wish list for some time. But once I got it I have to say I was a little let down. The purple is gorgeous. No denying that. However the polish was on the thick side and you can barely see the iridescent glitter.
Now below is my photo this is two coats. But swatches I had seen were a little misleading.

So all and all it is a very pretty purple polish with a rich color. 

 Now for the good! This is two coats of Oceans of Alloy. And goddamn it is gorgeous!
It goes on perfectly and having more than one coat doesnt cover up the glitter. This polish is beautiful and a must for every collection! 

So overall Hare has some awesome polish. But the hassle of buying it was not worth it.

Your opinions?



  1. I knew you would like Oceans of Alloy. That is the one I got.

  2. I have the same thoughts about Emily de Molly. I am not sure if using any of her polishes today at the llarowe stocking will be worth it - they look too good to be true in the swatches and they are very expensive for indies since the shipping is probably awful from Australia.

  3. Yeah, as much as I love some indie brands, I can't bring myself to deal with those anxious ten minutes between the shop being restocked and selling out. That's really crappy what happened :/

    1. This was 30 seconds though! It was insane!

  4. I was very very excited to get my Illuminated Life collection. But I was really disappointed. Everyone seemed to RAVE about Hare polish, so was looking forward to putting them on. I thought they were not easy to work with and were super thick. I like other indy brands a lot better.

    1. Oceans of Alloys is gorgeous and amazing to work with so it was fair toss up.


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