Friday, December 7, 2012

Above the Curve

I have three insanely awesome polishes to show you!

First I wanna tell you a little bit about this brand. Above the Curve nail polish has an amazing cause behind the brand! 

Better yet I will just take the words from Angel herself. (taken from their Big Cartel store)

"We are a husband and wife team who love to make polish together!
When I was 12 I was diagnosed with a severe case of Scoliosis. I had a 72 degree curve and my spine was making my ribs twist into my heart and lungs. I had to have a rushed surgery to fuse my spine.
We were sent to Shriner's Hospitals for Children and they did my surgery for free!! They saved my life!
Without them I wouldn't have met my wonderful husband and have my 3 beautiful children!
We have always wanted to repay them and help raise awareness and funds for Shriners Hospitals For Children as well as raise awareness for Scoliosis!
Hence the name Above The Curve
$1.00 of every bottle sold is donated to Shriner's Hospitals For Children."
If that message alone doesn't make you wanna buy polish I dont know what does. It is incredibly amazing that Angel and her amazing husband Shawn donate money back to the hospital that saved her life! Plus we wouldn't have any of these amazing polishes if she wasn't here!
They were awesome enough to let me review their Narnia collection! Yeah thats right! Fucking NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know about you guys but I was more excited about the Narnia movies than Harry Potter. 
We have Aslan, Caspian and Jadis.

 First up we have Aslan! Who in the movie is voiced by the sexiest old man out there Mr Liam Neeson! Love him!

Aslan is a gorgeous golden brown holo polish. Which fits perfectly with every written description of Aslan, espically when he shakes his mane. 

Below is two coats of Aslan. No undies and no top coat! Look how amazing it is! Of course all of us should know by now that you can not truly capture the amazingness of holo in a photo but I tried my hardest!

Second we have Jadis who most of you may know as the White Witch.

I am not even going to pretend that I was able to show you guys this polish's full beauty. It just did not want to work with me when I took pictures but it is gorgeous!

It is in a shimmery base filled with glitter in different shades or purple, blue, silver and white and gorgeous crescent moon shapes!

I thought to layer this over white was far too easy so I am gonna show it to you over two different colors.

First up we have one coat of Jadis over two coats of Ulta Faded Blues. 

Next I put on coat of Jadis over two coats of Sally Hansen Lacey Lilac. I think I liked this combo the best!

Although this polish is gorgeous I have to admit it is my least favorite over the three. And I did have to fish out a few of the crescent glitters.

And last up we have Caspian! Who in the movies was played by the gorgeous Ben Barnes. Oh what I wouldnt do to spend a night with him. Or on him. ;)

Caspian is a gorgeous deep dark green filled with tiny silver glitter (that tend to look gold in some light) This polish went one much smoother than I thought it would. Because of the glitter I thought it might dry a bit gritty but it didnt at all! The picture below has not top coat!! Look how smooth it looks!

This is two coats of Caspian all by itself. 

These polishes are amazing!!! And I am honored they sent me this set to review for them! I am gonna have to buy some full size polishes! Plus it is so hard for me to pass up a polish that donates to a good cause and in this case a gorgeous polish that does!

All three are available, although with other beautiful creations, on their Etsy and Big Cartel stores and make sure to follow them on Facebook for updates on restocks, new collections and other news.


*These polishes were sent to me for honest review.

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