Sunday, December 2, 2012


So one of my most favorite bloggers is The Nailasaurus. If you aren't following her then you are really missing out.
Anyways she does quite a few manis with what she has cleverly named 'Glequins'.

Look how totally rad this is!!!!!

So all of her manicures convinced me to buy some of my own!
For my first go I tried something really simple and just did an accent nail.

 This is one coat of Cu2+ which you can buy here.
And then I used some silver glequins!
They are so easy to apply. All you need is a tooth pick and some top coat.
One thing I like most about them is that with a good top coat like SV they lay perfectly smooth so they wont get caught on things or make you want to pick them off. This mani lasted two days before two of them fell off. Normally with any rhinestone decoration I need up picking it off in an hour so this is really impressive!

These are SUUUPPPERRRR cheap! And you get 12 little pots for like $6!!!
They are sold at the Born Pretty Store and here is a link to the set I bought below. 
They are so worth it and way to cheap to pass up. Since they are coming from Singapore it takes a little longer to get here but for me it was only like a week and a half and FREE SHIPPING!
Seriously if you havent bought these yet you are insane.

I will be doing a lot more with these in the future and may buy a different set, no hot pink in this one, so you can look forward to that!!



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