Sunday, December 9, 2012

Not To Hot and Not To Cold

Oh man I found a super awesome geeky indie line!

As soon as I saw Goldilocks Planet I had to have it. Plus it has GIANT HEX GLITTER!!!!!! My favorite!!!! 
I should let all of you know that I am a giant science nerd. Hahaha the kind of person that keep their science text books. And the only magazines I subscribe are Discover and Astronomy. 

In case you dont know what the term Goldilocks Planet means here is a quick definition of it from My Ten Friends' etsy.

"Goldilocks Planet” is a planet is that can support life because it is neither too hot nor too cold, too big nor too small, too near its star nor too far. “Goldilocks Planet” is a yellow polish with a greenish hue that is filled with gold and turquoise glitters in various sizes. Completely exquisite and perfect"

Goldilocks Planet is a sheer green base with blue, green, gold and silver hex and square glitters. It is AMAZING!

Below is two coats of Goldilocks Planet all on its lonesome. It is still very sheer with two coats, I am sure three coats would give you full coverage.

Since two coats was not enough for full coverage and looked a little dull, I layered Goldilocks Planet over butter LONDON Dosh.

Look how amazing they look together!

I can not even explain my obsession with big hex glitter. I just love the way it looks! Unfortunately I did have to fish some of the bigger ones out of the bottle.
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