Monday, December 3, 2012

She really should have picked him

Today I have a polish for you that I have been lusting over for awhile.

Nostalgic Nail Lacquer's Duckie! Which you can buy here.

Before we get to that I have a little rant about Pretty In Pink. Andie should've choosen Duckie. I think we all know that. Ugh yeah yeah it had a real life ending. She wouldve choosen Blane but I like a hollywood ending! Duckie shouldve been the one that got the girl! Ugh sometimes I hate movies. I want to watch to escape real life! Ugh spoliers if you want Hollywood endings and not real life endings dont watch The Vow or Blue Valentine. Or you know Pretty In Pink.

Ok on to the gorgeous polish!!!!
 Mint green really is my favorite nail polish color. It looks good on me.
Below we have two coats of Duckie over one coat of Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet.

Woo close up shot!
The only complaint I had was that the glitter was very sparse. And I had to fish out some of that gorgeous hex glitter.

Also I got a new ring over the weekend!!!!
I am a HUGE FAN of giant rings! I have a whole box of them!
Look at this awesome glitterstache!



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