Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slick Lacquer by Suzzie

New indie lacquer on the block bitches!!!!

I have not one but TWO gorgeous minis from a new brand called Slick Lacquer by Suzzie.
And she let me pick two that I wanted to try.

When I first opened the package there was yummy candy, but that never lasts long when I am around.  But then check out these adorable freakin labels!!!! She does like every single one by hand! She is going to go insane for sure.

First up I have Head in the Clouds
It is a sheer milky light blue base filled holographic glitter, micro blue glitter, larger blue pieces. And my favorite STAR GLITTER!!!!! 
As noted on Suzzie's etsy glitter may tend to sink to the bottom when left sitting. I find it best to just roll the bottle between my hands and had no problems.

Below I chose to layer two coats of Head in the Clouds over a very thin layer of China Glaze Sea Spray. I really like this polish because it has a subtle shimmer that you will NEVER be able to see in a picture. This polish makes me happy and just makes me want to day dream all day. :D

Next up I have Intergalactic Super-Star! This is a clear base JAMPACKED!!! with all sorts of super fine to little hex silver holo pieces. My favorite part though, which is odd because I usually hate it, is the shard glitter. I guess I like it more of a nerdy way if anything. They remind me of the ripped up chucks of metal floating up in space orbiting our planet.

Sorry. Science and space are my favs.
Anyways I noticed that I had only seen this polish layer over black, which I mean cmon that is kind of a lazy try, of course it will look awesome over black. Hahaha so I decided to put it over hot pink!!! Butter LONDON Disco Biscuit to be exact. I love the outcome!!!

Make sure to head on over to Suzzie's FACEBOOK and give it a like and then over to her ETSY to see all the other beauties is has come up with!


Saturday, January 26, 2013

A New Addition and a Dedication

If you have read my blog before you know I am a pretty big fan of Above the Curve nail polish.
They are an amazing husband and wife team and they put a lot of hard work and love into the polishes they make. 
If you havent read before a little back story on Above the Curve and what makes me love the brand even more is that when Angel was 12 she was diagnosed with a severe case of Scoliosis. She had a 72 degree curve and her spine was making her ribs twist into her heart and lungs! She was rushed into life saving surgery to fuse her spine. She was sent to Shriner's Hospital for Children and they did her surgery for free. And no matter how many times I read and write this story I always tear up. I can't help it. To know that Angel is alive and well with her amazing husband Shawn and her gorgeous kids just makes me smile. 
Because Shriner's Hospital saved her life $1.00 from every bottle sold is donated to them. Anything to help repay them for the generosity they showed by saving Angel's life. So now you can dry your eyes and I will show you pretty pictures of polish.

First we Aurora which is a new addition to their fallen Angel collection. Is is a holographic purple with pink undertones. It is so gorgeous. The picture below is two coats with no top coat. 

Next we have Kahuna. Kahuna is part for a new Hawaii/Surf collection dedicated to Shawn's mom. She was born in Hawaii and loved to surf and I love that they are making a line dedicated to her. But now we all know that Shawn is a momma's boy. ;P
Kahuna is a gorgeous holographic teal polish. It looks so much more amazing in person and as all polish lovers know the beauty of holo polish is impossible to catch in a picture.
Below is two coats of Kahuna with no top coat.

Be sure to check out their BIG CARTEL store and ETSY. And make sure to go 'like' their FACEBOOK page to stay up to date on new collections and sales. And they always have some awesome giveaways so go check it out. They also have a limited edition Valentines collection out so pick those up before they are gone!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Love's A Punny Thing

Today I have three polishes from Different Dimension's new Valentines Collection.
Cutely teamed Love's A Punny Thing.

First up I have two coats of Arota Miss You but I Don't over one coat of Chirality Apollonia
Arota Miss You But I Dont is filled with Fuchsia dot glitter, holographic hexes and purple hearts!
The only complete I have about this polish which is common with mini bottles. The hearts were a little heart to fish out. But with shaped glitter in mini bottles I have always had this problem.

Since Chirality Apollonia is rather dark I feel some of the smaller glitter may have gotten lost, so I also put two coats of Aorta Miss You but I Don't
 over two coats of Ulta Gray Couture.

 Next up we have  two coats of All Red-y In Love over two coats of Above the Curve Diablos. All Red-y In Love is full of red and pink dot glitter as well red and pink micro glitter. There are also bright red heart glitter.
I love this color combo. Looks kind of like chocolate covered strawberries.

 I also but a layer of All Red-y In Love over Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude.
I think the red hearts show up much better on this nude color.

And last but not least I have A Love Hue.
I used two coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways.
Arotta Miss You Dont is my favorite of the collection but I have to say my mani with Milky Ways and A Love Hue is my favorite!!!

Go check out Different Dimension on ETSY and Facebook for new updates, restocks previews of new collections!


Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am super excited to show you this plate! I first saw it on Spellbinding Nails in this post HERE. And I was like yup buyin it.

So recently I have had a bit of anxiety over a few things so of course that nail biting habit kicks in to over drive. I have short nails naturally but look at this!

They are so teeny tiny!!!

So I decided I wanted to do some sort of 'under the sea' thing.
First I started with one coat of Chirality Cu2+, this polish is AMAZING and you should go HERE to their store and buy them all!!!

I then dabbed a little of Different Dimension Amphitrite at the bottom to give it just that extra bit of sparkle. 

And finally I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and the mermaid stamp from Konad plate m34.
My nails arent super long but you get the picture. 

These nails were super simple and I will probably keep them on longer then I keep on most manis. I love how Amphitrite has a very subtle shimmery blue-green base that you can only see in certain lights. Makes it even more gorgeous!

I put one on my thumb too!!!!
Unfortunately Amphitrite has been discontinued but you can check out the many more amazing polishes by Different Dimension HERE

What do you guys think? Would you have added scales on on the fingers? Or maybe more glitter? Or one of the big ones Bundle Monster vs Konad. ooooooo


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl and a Little Something Extra

I recently placed an order for Above the Curve's Blue Eyed Girl. I have been eyeing this polish for awhile. First off it is a gorgeous blue holo and second I have blue eyes. Hahaha and as always remember that part of the proceeds of every polish you buy from Above the Curve is donated to Shriner's Hospitals For Children

This is two coats with no top coat. It is so gorgeous! I love how blue polish looks on me it is my favorite nail polish color.

When I opened my package from my order I found a surprise polish!!! Snow Daze!
It has been discontinued but they knew I had liked it so they sent it as a surprise!
Snow Daze is filled with white micro glitter, square, hex and bar glitter. But what I didnt notice until I got it was that it has heart and star glitter too!!!!
So below is two coats of Snow Daze over two coats of Blue Eyed Girl, no top coat.

 And last but not least I recieved a super special package.I got this gorgeous polish called Thinking of You. The package came with a note that said "Your friend thought you could use a little sunshine this winter and has nominated you to recieve an RAOK. Please accept this gift from her/him and wear it knowing someone somewhere loves you a whole bunch!"

Isnt that amazing! I was so surprised and I felt so loved. Only 6 of these polishes were made!!!

Its filled with all shades and sizes of purple and blue glitter and even little moons!!! I thought this would also look awesome over Blue Eyed Girl so I added two coats of Thinking of You.

Make sure to go check out Above the Curve's stores on ETSY and BIG CARTEL and follow their Facebook for up to date info on restocks and sales.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Something Fruity!

Short post today before I go off to work.
After months of drooling over them I finally convinced myself to buy the 2012 set of Bundle Monster set. 

Look at all the pretty plates!!!!!

So for my first manicure I used plate BM-308. It is actually one of the designs that made me want this set in the first place. 

I have to admit I am pretty proud of this one.

So first I did a base coat of Lime Crime Milky Ways, then I did a gradient using Lime Crime Parfait Day, Peaches Cream, and Crema De Limon. I then added a thin layer of China Glaze Fairy Dust. After all of that was dry I used Color Club Love Em or Leave Em and Bundle Monster plate BM-308. I love how subtle the stamp looks. I wasnt expecting the polish to stamp that well. I love how summery and yummy this mani looks. It is always nice to have a happy manicure in the grey, cold and wet weather of Washington.

What do you guys think? Do you have any awesome stamped manis you want to show off? You are all more then welcome to post pictures on my Facebook page HERE


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adriel and Diablos

Why hello there my lovely followers!
Today I have two GORGEOUS polishes from Above the Curve's Fallen Angel collection.
You may have seen my review of their Narnia collection but if not you can read it HERE

Above the Curve makes amazing polish and it is also for an amazing cause
They are an awesome husband and wife team that donate some of their proceeds to Shriner's Hospital for Children. Now the following story seriously makes me tear up. Just a warning.

When Angel was 12 she was diagnosed with a severe case of Scoliosis. So basically her spine was making her ribs twist into her heart and lungs! Of course she had to be rushed into surgery in order to save her life. She was sent to Shriner's Hospital for Children and they did her surgery for FREE! They saved her life and without her and her amazing husband Shawn we wouldnt have such an awesome polish line! They donate $1.00 of every bottle sold to that hospital. Anything to try and repay their gratitude for saving Angel's life.

First up we have Adriel. This polish a gorgeous burgundy mauve holo. It goes on so smooth and with very good coverage. I found that one coat was a little two thin so I used two coats. And can you believe the picture below has no top coat?! Look how shiny and gorgeous it is!

Next we have Diablos. I love this color but I am kind of at a loss on how to describe it. Their website describes it as a dark reddish brown, but I almost feel it might lead a little into the purple side. 
Either way I am in love. Hahaha also my mom tried to steal it from me and I was like no way this is mine!
Just as Adriel it goes on very smoothly with complete coverage in two coats. And again the picture below has no top coat. But both polishes dry so smooth you would thik I put a top coat of SV on top of it!

So what do you guys think? Personally I am in love. Above the Curve makes such high quality polish and donate to such an amazing cause that it is hard not to buy every single one. 

You can buy these and the rest of the Fallen Angel collection on their BigCartel store or Etsy
And dont forget to check out their Facebook for up to date info on new collections and restocks and sales!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Wednesday!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer

Today I have to gorgeous polishes from Lucky 13 Lacquer!
Kyoti Jess sent me the coolest christmas present ever!!! She gave me mini's of all her polishes that were on my wishlist!!!

So today I am gonna show you Cogs and Trine.
Cogs and Trine are part of the Humble Indie (game) Bundle. Available now until January 1st, 25% of each polish from this collection that is ordered will be donated to Humble Bundle on January 1st. Humble Bundle donates to independent game makers and childrens' charities!

 First up we have Cogs. I have never played any of the games these polishes were inspired by so I dont have much insight in to that but Cogs is inspired by a steampunk puzzle game from HIB3.

Below I layer two coats of Cogs over Hello Kitty Night Sparkle.
It has a light brown jelly base with small copper square, medium gold, and large silver hex glitters.

And of course you guys had to know I would matte the glitter!!!! Look how fucking rad it looks!!!! I used Hard Candy Matte-ly In Love.

I think Trine is my favorite out of the two. Trine is inspired by an RPG from the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle. It has a medium dark purple jelly base, small sky blue, and medium gold hex glitters.

I decided to layer it over Color Club Love Em or Leave Em. Look how pretty it is!!!!!!

Unfortunately these polishes are not available but will be again in the future!!!! I am gonna need a full size of Trine that is for sure!! Until then make sure you check out all of her other awesome polishes HERE

What do you guys think?