Sunday, January 13, 2013

Blue Eyed Girl and a Little Something Extra

I recently placed an order for Above the Curve's Blue Eyed Girl. I have been eyeing this polish for awhile. First off it is a gorgeous blue holo and second I have blue eyes. Hahaha and as always remember that part of the proceeds of every polish you buy from Above the Curve is donated to Shriner's Hospitals For Children

This is two coats with no top coat. It is so gorgeous! I love how blue polish looks on me it is my favorite nail polish color.

When I opened my package from my order I found a surprise polish!!! Snow Daze!
It has been discontinued but they knew I had liked it so they sent it as a surprise!
Snow Daze is filled with white micro glitter, square, hex and bar glitter. But what I didnt notice until I got it was that it has heart and star glitter too!!!!
So below is two coats of Snow Daze over two coats of Blue Eyed Girl, no top coat.

 And last but not least I recieved a super special package.I got this gorgeous polish called Thinking of You. The package came with a note that said "Your friend thought you could use a little sunshine this winter and has nominated you to recieve an RAOK. Please accept this gift from her/him and wear it knowing someone somewhere loves you a whole bunch!"

Isnt that amazing! I was so surprised and I felt so loved. Only 6 of these polishes were made!!!

Its filled with all shades and sizes of purple and blue glitter and even little moons!!! I thought this would also look awesome over Blue Eyed Girl so I added two coats of Thinking of You.

Make sure to go check out Above the Curve's stores on ETSY and BIG CARTEL and follow their Facebook for up to date info on restocks and sales.


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