Monday, January 21, 2013

Love's A Punny Thing

Today I have three polishes from Different Dimension's new Valentines Collection.
Cutely teamed Love's A Punny Thing.

First up I have two coats of Arota Miss You but I Don't over one coat of Chirality Apollonia
Arota Miss You But I Dont is filled with Fuchsia dot glitter, holographic hexes and purple hearts!
The only complete I have about this polish which is common with mini bottles. The hearts were a little heart to fish out. But with shaped glitter in mini bottles I have always had this problem.

Since Chirality Apollonia is rather dark I feel some of the smaller glitter may have gotten lost, so I also put two coats of Aorta Miss You but I Don't
 over two coats of Ulta Gray Couture.

 Next up we have  two coats of All Red-y In Love over two coats of Above the Curve Diablos. All Red-y In Love is full of red and pink dot glitter as well red and pink micro glitter. There are also bright red heart glitter.
I love this color combo. Looks kind of like chocolate covered strawberries.

 I also but a layer of All Red-y In Love over Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude.
I think the red hearts show up much better on this nude color.

And last but not least I have A Love Hue.
I used two coats of Lime Crime Milky Ways.
Arotta Miss You Dont is my favorite of the collection but I have to say my mani with Milky Ways and A Love Hue is my favorite!!!

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  1. ahhh! I almost bought the first and last one the other day! I wasn't sure what they looked like though. Great swatches

    1. You should get the first!! It is gorgeous and my favorite of the three. But all of her polishes are amazing, I own way too many. I just throw my money at her. hahahaha


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