Thursday, January 17, 2013


I am super excited to show you this plate! I first saw it on Spellbinding Nails in this post HERE. And I was like yup buyin it.

So recently I have had a bit of anxiety over a few things so of course that nail biting habit kicks in to over drive. I have short nails naturally but look at this!

They are so teeny tiny!!!

So I decided I wanted to do some sort of 'under the sea' thing.
First I started with one coat of Chirality Cu2+, this polish is AMAZING and you should go HERE to their store and buy them all!!!

I then dabbed a little of Different Dimension Amphitrite at the bottom to give it just that extra bit of sparkle. 

And finally I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep and the mermaid stamp from Konad plate m34.
My nails arent super long but you get the picture. 

These nails were super simple and I will probably keep them on longer then I keep on most manis. I love how Amphitrite has a very subtle shimmery blue-green base that you can only see in certain lights. Makes it even more gorgeous!

I put one on my thumb too!!!!
Unfortunately Amphitrite has been discontinued but you can check out the many more amazing polishes by Different Dimension HERE

What do you guys think? Would you have added scales on on the fingers? Or maybe more glitter? Or one of the big ones Bundle Monster vs Konad. ooooooo


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