Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Slick Lacquer by Suzzie

New indie lacquer on the block bitches!!!!

I have not one but TWO gorgeous minis from a new brand called Slick Lacquer by Suzzie.
And she let me pick two that I wanted to try.

When I first opened the package there was yummy candy, but that never lasts long when I am around.  But then check out these adorable freakin labels!!!! She does like every single one by hand! She is going to go insane for sure.

First up I have Head in the Clouds
It is a sheer milky light blue base filled holographic glitter, micro blue glitter, larger blue pieces. And my favorite STAR GLITTER!!!!! 
As noted on Suzzie's etsy glitter may tend to sink to the bottom when left sitting. I find it best to just roll the bottle between my hands and had no problems.

Below I chose to layer two coats of Head in the Clouds over a very thin layer of China Glaze Sea Spray. I really like this polish because it has a subtle shimmer that you will NEVER be able to see in a picture. This polish makes me happy and just makes me want to day dream all day. :D

Next up I have Intergalactic Super-Star! This is a clear base JAMPACKED!!! with all sorts of super fine to little hex silver holo pieces. My favorite part though, which is odd because I usually hate it, is the shard glitter. I guess I like it more of a nerdy way if anything. They remind me of the ripped up chucks of metal floating up in space orbiting our planet.

Sorry. Science and space are my favs.
Anyways I noticed that I had only seen this polish layer over black, which I mean cmon that is kind of a lazy try, of course it will look awesome over black. Hahaha so I decided to put it over hot pink!!! Butter LONDON Disco Biscuit to be exact. I love the outcome!!!

Make sure to head on over to Suzzie's FACEBOOK and give it a like and then over to her ETSY to see all the other beauties is has come up with!


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