Thursday, February 7, 2013



*warning! Picture heavy post!*

In honor of reaching 1000 followers over on my Facebook page I am having an awesome giveaway with some of my favorite things!!!!

I have two prize packs to give away! 1st place winner gets first choice.

includes: an e.l.f. concealer brush (best thing for cleaning cuticles!), True Blue Spa Super Softening Hand Lotion, Seche Vite dry fast top coat, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, NYC Matte Me Crazy top coat, Lucky 13 Lacquer Song of Storms and Too Cute-icle Pretty Pretty Princess!*

includes: OPI Nail Envy base coat, Burts Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Penguin Polish cupcake scented top coat*, Above the Curve Risen*, Different Dimension Whatever*, and ZuluSport bracelet that help women in war torn Africa.

Here are some pictures of the polishes!!

Here is Too Cute-icle Pretty Pretty Princess over Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. You can read my review of this polish HERE

 And here it is with a matte top coat.

Lucky 13 Lacquer Song of Storms over OPI I have a Herring Problem. (Review HERE)

 And then with a matte top coat!
So you should be able to see by now why I include the glitter polish and matte top coat in the same prize pack! MATTE ALL THE GLITTER!!!!!!

Now I do not own any of the polishes in prize pack number two (except for the scented top coat, WHICH IS THE BOMB! Lacey is magic when it comes to scented polishes! I normally hate them but they are so subtly perfect that it is a must for every collection!) but they are from two of the brands I truly love. 

First I will show you Whatever from 80's Baby collection by Different Dimension. Here are some awesome swatches of it!

 And last but not least we have Risen Angel from the gorgeous Fallen Angel collection by Above the Curve polish.

Now for the rules. Ugh.
This giveaway is US ONLY. I am sorry guys but these new shipping restrictions are intense and I cant take the chance of these prizes being destroyed. 
18 years or older!

After I verify the entries the winners will have 24 hours to reply before I pick a new winner.

All polishes with an * were donated by the maker everything else was purchased by me for this giveaway.


  1. Thank you for an awesome giveaway :)

  2. Thanks for the great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  3. Ecited about these prizes, for whoever gets them!

  4. Instead of giving the same reply to all of you, you're welcome for having this giveaway. I am lucky enough to know some amazing indie makers that were nice enough to donate prizes for me to giveaway. Good luck to everyone! But its all up to <3

  5. Super excited! :D Just so you know, I'm a fan of all the pages I entered for under the name "OtakuPolish" not my facebook account. It wouldn't let me put that down so I'm just letting you know! :)

  6. Thanks for such a GREAT Giveaway....


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