Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Condemned to Forever Circle Polaris.

Now I have no idea the story behind this image on this plate or who it represents but it reminded me of Cassiopeia. Now I dont know if you know the story of Cassiopeia it goes a little something like this. *Note this is just one story but they basically have the same ending. 

"While combing her long locks one day, Cassiopeia dared to claim that she was more beautiful than the sea nymphs called the Nereids. Such hubris by a mortal could not go unpunished and the Nereids went in search of retribution. There were 50 Nereids, all daughters of Nereus, the so-called Old Man of the Sea, and one of them, Amphitrite, was married to Poseidon, the sea god. Amphitrite and her sisters appealed to Poseidon to punish Cassiopeia for her vanity.

Bowing to their request, the sea god sent a monster to ravage the coast of King Cepheus’s country. This monster is commemorated in the constellation Cetus. To appease the monster, Cepheus and Cassiopeia chained their daughter Andromeda to a rock as a sacrifice, but Andromeda was saved from the monster’s jaws by the hero Perseus in one of the most famous rescue stories in history.

In the sky, Cassiopeia is depicted sitting on her throne. As an added punishment, she was condemned to circle the celestial pole for ever, part of the time hanging upside down in unseemly posture"

Now that you have had your history lesson we will go on to this super cool mani!! 
I was recently gifted Nayru by Starlight Polish by my super awesome friend Amanda. Nayru as you may know or should've guessed by the Tri-Force on the label is that it is related to the Legend of Zelda! Nayru is one of the three goddesses, most commonly associated with the water temples. (The WORST temples in the Zelda universe most famously Ocarina of Time) Anyways Nayru  is the goddess of Wisdom and and upon creation she poured her wisdom onto the earth and gave the spirit of law to the world. (You are welcome for the Zelda historia lesson as well.)

Nayru shifts through turquoise, blue, and violet and of course I knew it would look good over black. It makes it look just like the night sky. And I recently bought Konad plate m34 for the mermaid image and you can see that manicure HERE and for some reason the image of this woman along with the star images made me think of Cassiopeia.

So below is one coat of Sally Hansen Black Out, two coats of Starlight Polish Nayru and for the stamp I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.

It is so gorgeous and there is no way I could capture the color shift with a camera but I couldnt stop staring at my nails!

Starlight Polish doesnt have a Facebook page :( but you can buy her polish on Etsy HERE
The polish comes in a set with the two other Zelda goddesses Din and Farore as well as one for a Companion Fairy.

What do you guys think? Does the stamp make you think of something mythological?
Until next time

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