Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kiss of the Cosmos

A few weeks ago I bought three polishes from My Ten Friends 'Kiss of the Cosmos' collection.

Oh how I love these polishes! My Ten Friends comes up with such awesome color combos and unique polishes. Of great quality as well!!! You cant find these polishes anywhere else.

First up I have Close Encounters. 
Close Encounters is a gorgeous purple jelly base filled with black and gold micro glitter, medium hex glitter and MY FAVORITE big hex glitter. Do you see that gold one on my middle finger! Damn!

Below is two coats of Close Encounters over one coat of Essie Its Genius. 

Next we have Lunar Love Song. This is EASILY the favorite of the collection. But I have a soft spot for all blue polish. I think it looks really good with my skin tone.
Lunar Love Song is a gorgeous shimmery light blue/green based filled with gold, red, pink, and orange glitters of different shapes and sizes. 

This is two coats of Lunar Love Song over Lime Crime Once in a Blue Mousse.  

And last but not least we have First Contact. First Contact is a sheer shimmery nude polish filled with black, silver and holo glitters. I have never seen someone make this color combo in a polish before! And it looks perfect! The black is just the extra detail that makes this polish pop! And it has a lot of holo shimmer! If it wasnt cloudy and overcast in Washington I would be able to get a better picture!

 This is two coats of First Contact over one coat of Cult Nails Cruisin' Nude.

You can get My Ten Friends HERE on her etsy. And although we all know waiting for polish suuuuuuuuucks My Ten Friend FULLY WARNS you that turn around is 3 to 4 weeks. I dont really think you can complain to much when she warns you before hand. But DAMN these polishes are sooooooooooooooo worth the wait. I can not stress that enough. 
Also make sure you go like her Facebook page HERE for updates on new polishes, restocks and sales!!


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