Tuesday, February 12, 2013

love, love, LOVE!

Hello loves!
I have been soooo lacking in creativeness these days but then BAM! look how awesome these nails came out!!!

I used Lime Crime Milky Ways, Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and Essie A Crewed Interest. I think Mint Sorbet will always be my favorite. It looks awesome on me. :) Plus we all know Sally Hansen is a staple in any collection. 
For the stamp I used Essie Penny Talk. That whole collection is PERFECT for stamping! Both designs are from Konad plate m71. 

And then GLEQUINS! If you dont know about these marvelous things then you most not follow The Nailasaurus which is your loss. :P

I first read about glequins on her blog and she has even made a whole blog post about them which you can read HERE. They are super cheap and easy to use.

Well it is late and I am off to bed. 


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  1. Very Very cute mani!! I love the gold on the base colors!! :)


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