Tuesday, March 5, 2013

If you havent heard I turned old on Sunday but YAY holos!!

So I turned 25 on Sunday. I know. I am sooooooooo old now. Yuck. hahaha
but the gift giving started early because I got a package from one of my polish besties Lacey over at Penguin Polish. It was so sweet of her and a total surprise!!!  Look at all these awesome goodies!!! HELLO Zelda tin of mints!!! Also I have moved recently, because I am a big kid and really wanted to take a nap but my new room is so bright during the day so even the mask came at the perfect time!!

Ugh then I had to go to work.

But when I came home from work I had ANOTHER PACKAGE! I knew Missi was sending me something probably some of her new polish and you know Candy. But I opened it and polishes just kept coming out. Also an entire pound of confetti. Thanks Missi. -_- j/k

She got me a hilarious card and a pin that says Birthday Girl and then a crap load of polish, including China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat, KB Shimmer Toucan Touch This, OPI Live and Let Die, Picture POlish Cosmos and she included her new Set It Free collection! Which I am going to be showing you right meow!

First this is 3 coats of Black Dahlia. It is a gorgeous charcoal purplish grey scattered holographic polish with hints of different colors reflected in the light, it also has silver micro holographic glitter and iridescent glitters in it.
This is like the one time there was sun in Washington so I was able to get an awesome picture. This polish is gorgeous! And this is with no top coat!

Next we have Stronger just two coats! Look at how glorious it is!!!!!

And last but not least we have Wide Awake. I cant even describe how beautiful this is. It is a light pink scattered holographic polish look at all the colors! SO BEAUTIFUL!

You can buy these polishes over on Missi's Etsy page HERE
Otherwise my birthday was supppppper boring. 



  1. lovelovelovelovelovleoleolvoelvoevleovleovelolvelvoevolevleolvevolove

  2. Happy belated birthday :D And you aren't old at all lol


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