Friday, March 15, 2013


Frist things first. I am IN LOVE with pug dogs. They are so ugly they are cute. I wish I could get one so bad, but they have sooooooo many health problems. :( And no one likes that. 

But seriously? What is not to love about these adorable little creatures?!

So for Christmas which was forever ago Lacey over at Penguin Polish gave me these rad pug dog decals. I dont know where she got them so you would have to ask her. But they are suupppppper easy to use.

First I started with Lime Crime Milky Ways. I might need a second bottle of this stuff. It is amazing! Then I added the Pug! After I cut it out and peeled it off the paper backing with some tweezers I laid it on the nail. *BE WARNED! DO NOT USE SECHE VITE WITH THIS! It makes them shrink. :( 
Next I added the stamp! It is from Bundle Monster plate BM322 using Sally Hansen Forbidden Fudge. And last but not least I added the glitter, because cmon we all love glitter. It is China Glaze Blonde Bombshell.

I changed up the pattern a little so the nails werent exactly the same on both hands.

These are adorable and I love them! I need to invest  in more decals!



  1. I think pugs are so cute! Have you ever looked into puggles? They don't have nearly as many health issues and they are just as cute ugly! :)

    1. Yes but I really dislike beagles. And Puggles dont snort like pugs and that is a hilarious trait.

  2. Pugs are not ugly. :(
    My little guy is the most handsome fellow around.

    I love this nail art! And I'm with you on the not liking beagles or puggles. It's not the same.

    1. But they are ugly cute. hahaha I love them so much just seeing someone walking a pug makes me happy.


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