Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dream Catchers!

So it took me FOREVER to do these nails. 
I saw the design earlier today on instagram by sparrownails. If you have instagram you should totally follow her!

So for my nails I started out with two coats od Lime Crime Crema De Limon. Then I added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust and then I slowly painted the lines using Sally Hansen Black Out.

I also used this tutorial for help.

For the stamps I used a feather from Bundle Monster plate BM15 and for the dots I used a dotting took and Sally Hansen White On and Different Dimension Ditz.
And then a thick coat of SV and all done!!

Time for bed.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tribal nails

SO I have been suuuuuuuuuuper bored lately and havent been able to come up with any ideas for my nails so I am have just decided to copy people I am fans of. 

Not to mention I have a gazillion stamps so I need to start using them more. I have admired this design from Let Them Have Polish for like a year so I thought I might try it out. 
Here is her original design:

Isnt it gorgeous! Such great color combos. Here is a LINK back to her original post about that mani in case any of you are interested in the details.

For my design I started out with a thin coat of Different Dimension Tubular and then added a thin coat of Tanzy from the Zoya spring minis and let that dry completely. 

I used Sally Hansen Black out for the stamp. The stamp is from Bundle Monster plate BM-204
I then added some tiny gold glequins that I got HERE from the bornprettystore.
And last but not least I used a dotting tool to add some dots of Lime Crime Milky Ways.

Top with two coats of SV and BOOM!
What do you guys think? Personally I love it and I hate orange. so that is weird but I love them.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Braided Fishtail Nails

I love this braided fishtail design. It is so easy but looks super complicated.
If you follow me on instagram @brittanymoody you may have already seen my design but first I will show you the tutorial I use. I found it awhile ago and it is really easy to follow.

The only bad thing about this is that it is a little time consuming but other than that super easy. A tip to remember is that it is much easier to use one coat polishes. It will make things much easier.

For mine I started out using Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet on all fingers and waited for it to dry. Mint Sorbet does take awhile to dry but I love it so much!!!

For the other two colors I used Sally Hansen Golden-I and Zoya Audrina.
I am diggin Zoya Audrina for nail art, but I put it on as a full mani and I was not a fan. 
Anyways if any of you guys try this design out you should post it on my facebook page! I would love to see what color combos you come up with!


Saturday, April 13, 2013

OMG Purple Holos!!

So I recently picked up two new Chirality polishes. Absolute Zero a light blue holo which I used in an earlier mani which you can see HERE, and I also got Chirality Convergence! It is a gorgeous plum purple holo and as with all of Chirality holos they go on with usually one coat and try pretty damn fast. I didnt even use a top coat in the picture below.

I decided to do a quick comparison of Convergence with a few other purple holos I have. As you can see they are all pretty damn different. It is always hard to tell sometimes if you are buying a dupe or not but as you can see none of these ones are.

You can buy Chirality polish on their BIG CARTEL or on their ETSY. Also make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK for up to date info on new polishes and sales!
 Also make sure to follow me on instagram for my nail of the day posts. @brittanymoody


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh striping tape you are one tricky bitch.

I have tried my hand at striping tape a few times. But my hands are shaking, I am impatient. And since I put the strips down one at a time made it even more difficult. 

But recently The Nailasaurus made a rad striping tutorial that really helped. You can check that out right here
Im gonna have to invest in some of those tweezers!!

For this look I started out with a base of Lime Crime Milky Ways. I am sooooo gonna need another bottle of that. It is like the best base color EVER!

The more complicated designs took 7 pieces of tape. But soo worth it. I used Chirality Absolute Zero and Cu2+ which you can purchase from their store HERE

For the half moon type nails I just used two pieces of tape and painted the top part with Zoya Audrina. All of these colors go amazing together and I will probably be recreating it in the future sometime soon.

Also remember Im on instagram now you can follow my nail of the day posts! Follow me @brittanymoody

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rapunzel, Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair

For quite some time now I have been looking for polish made by Once Upon a Polish. Sadly she went out of business so you have to search blog sales in order to find some. 
Today I have Rapunzel. It is a gorgeous shimmery peach base with golden yellow, purple and white glitters.
In the pictures below I used two coats. It is so gorgeous!
On my other fingers I used Cult Nail My Kind of Kool Aid.

For the stamp I used an image from Bundle Monster plate BM 201 using Essie Good As Gold.
I also added some glequins!!!! You can get the smaller gold ones here and the bigger purple ones I got in a set that you can get here.


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And BOOM nail transfers

So I saw these on someone's blog and I can not remember for the life of me who, or it could've been on Facebook. Anyways it seemed like a rad idea. I have done newsprint nails before, but that gets old and I have heard of people doing it with maps but seriously who has maps anymore?! Having other prints to use seemed awesome, so I googled 'Fing'rs EDGE' and I found out you can get them at Wal-Mart and Rite Aid. And awesome for me I live like 2 feet from a Rite Aid so I walked over and bought them. They are $6.99.

It comes with three different designs, newsprint, an awesome zig zag pattern and what looks like a subway map?

 They are pretty big so I cut them in half. I have tiny nails.

I chose to use the zigzag design. So first a painted the nails I wanted them on with the creme color that came with the set and let dry. Then I cut the little design in half. They have a thin plastic sheet on top which you will want to peel off first. Then I submerged it in the water, pulled it back out and laid it face down on my nail, the backing just slides off and you can just clean up the edges like you would regular polish.

I decided to use them as an accent nail!! I did a gradient with Lime Crime Pastelchio and believe it or not I just sponged Sally Hansen White On on the tips but I think since the green was still a little wet it made the white look yellow which was fine by me. :) 

I also added a coat of China Glaze Wireless Holographic Top Coat.

And I have had bad experience with using SV over any sort of nail transfer anything so I just used Essie Good To Go. 

What do you guys think? Gonna go pick up some for yourself?