Friday, April 19, 2013

Braided Fishtail Nails

I love this braided fishtail design. It is so easy but looks super complicated.
If you follow me on instagram @brittanymoody you may have already seen my design but first I will show you the tutorial I use. I found it awhile ago and it is really easy to follow.

The only bad thing about this is that it is a little time consuming but other than that super easy. A tip to remember is that it is much easier to use one coat polishes. It will make things much easier.

For mine I started out using Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet on all fingers and waited for it to dry. Mint Sorbet does take awhile to dry but I love it so much!!!

For the other two colors I used Sally Hansen Golden-I and Zoya Audrina.
I am diggin Zoya Audrina for nail art, but I put it on as a full mani and I was not a fan. 
Anyways if any of you guys try this design out you should post it on my facebook page! I would love to see what color combos you come up with!



  1. I really need to try this mani :)
    looks so good
    kiss and check out the internacional giveaway on my blog

    1. Thank you! You should let me know when you try it.
      Just a reminder please dont post any links in the comments.


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