Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oh striping tape you are one tricky bitch.

I have tried my hand at striping tape a few times. But my hands are shaking, I am impatient. And since I put the strips down one at a time made it even more difficult. 

But recently The Nailasaurus made a rad striping tutorial that really helped. You can check that out right here
Im gonna have to invest in some of those tweezers!!

For this look I started out with a base of Lime Crime Milky Ways. I am sooooo gonna need another bottle of that. It is like the best base color EVER!

The more complicated designs took 7 pieces of tape. But soo worth it. I used Chirality Absolute Zero and Cu2+ which you can purchase from their store HERE

For the half moon type nails I just used two pieces of tape and painted the top part with Zoya Audrina. All of these colors go amazing together and I will probably be recreating it in the future sometime soon.

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  1. This design is great and the colours are perfect together - I am glad I am not the only one who didn't instantly master taping, but I feel a sense of hope having seen this design!

    1. Thanks! And yeah I am still not the best at tape manis but I try. :) This one just so happened to turn out awesome. hahaha most of the time they dont.


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