Saturday, April 13, 2013

OMG Purple Holos!!

So I recently picked up two new Chirality polishes. Absolute Zero a light blue holo which I used in an earlier mani which you can see HERE, and I also got Chirality Convergence! It is a gorgeous plum purple holo and as with all of Chirality holos they go on with usually one coat and try pretty damn fast. I didnt even use a top coat in the picture below.

I decided to do a quick comparison of Convergence with a few other purple holos I have. As you can see they are all pretty damn different. It is always hard to tell sometimes if you are buying a dupe or not but as you can see none of these ones are.

You can buy Chirality polish on their BIG CARTEL or on their ETSY. Also make sure to follow them on FACEBOOK for up to date info on new polishes and sales!
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