Thursday, May 9, 2013

Happy Hellionz!

I know you are already super jealous of this post. It is fucking rad.

So my amazing friend Domarita sent me the coolest fucking present in the world! 

This lovely creature is a Happy Hellionz, Her name is EyeLene and she is in Nintendo land! She even has a fucking companion fairy, but she better steer clear of that poison mushroom, I know, way to much swearing but I am just so excited about this.

I know that you are like 'OMG Brittany! Where can I get my own?!'

Well here are some links for you my loves!
You can check out Happy Hellionz on facebook HERE and the store HERE but you need to email her your order at

These are seriously the best gift you can give someone or yourself. 
The base price starts at $10 that means you get to pick your Hellion and the color. Add ons are a little more but super affordable. Honestly guys these are hand crafted and very well made. You can tell she takes her time with each one and doesnt skimp on the details. I suggest you go and check out all of their stuff.

And make sure to follow them on instagram, because thats what everyone does now,


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