Saturday, July 27, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 3

Yay!!!!! Untired Polish Challenge. I love this thing so much! 
I hate having untried polishes sitting around. It makes me sad. :(

It is day 3 which is Three Colors!!!!!

First I started off with a base of China Glaze Highlight of My Summer, which I can best describe as a neon mint green. This picture is terrible. You need to see it in the sun.
I then made a braided mani using China Glaze Pinkie Promise and White On White.

This braided design is super easy but looks way more complicated. I first started off using this tutorial:

See! Super easy!

This is an excellent picture of Highlight of My Summer. Look how gorgeous it is
So those are my three colors!!! Next will be Day 4 which will be Neutral and I have a gorgeous one in store for you guys.


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 2

Hello loves! I have been so behind in my blogging! YouTube keeps distracting me!
This awesome challenge was made by Just Add Polish, Check out her site HERE.

On to Day 2!
Two colors!

I chose to go with China Glaze Traffic Jam and Cult Nails Spontaneous!
I used two coats of Traffic Jam and waited for it to dry completely. 
I then used quite a bit of striping tape for this design and that was a little time consuming.

I then added one coat of Cult Nails Spontaneous over the striping tape. And then pulled the tape off while the polish was still wet. If you would like a tutorial check out this on by the Nailasaurus HERE

I am sorry about the quality of the pictures this time around. It was super late and I was inside.
I am super excited about Day 3 of this challenge!!!!!!


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Saturday, July 20, 2013

MC Chris For the Win!!!

Tonight I have a really fun collection from Chirality Polish. It is based on a bunch of MC Chris songs. Dont worry I will include the songs below. The collection is called MC Chris For the Win.
There are five polishes in the collection. When I first saw the bottle shots I wasnt too sure about how I felt about them. The colors looked so odd. But once I swatched them I was in love!!

First up we have Distant Lands. 
Here is the song that goes along with the polish!!!

I think it is my favorite out of the collection. It has a weird greenish shade base with purple hex and shard glitter, black giant circles and little hexes and some large holo circles!!!
Below is three coats. I did have to fish the bigger glitter out and dab it on but it still turned out great!

Next is Emo Party. Hahaha this song is fucking hilarious. You can listen to it below. Hahahahaha. You have no idea!

The polish is a gloomy grey (perfect color to go with the name) and it is full of red glitter of all different shapes and sizes. The only down side is that adding more coats does hide a glitter a bit so I also tried to just dab some on top after a few coats.

This song brings back sooooooo many memories! I had it on my MySpace! MySpace I am serious that was like a million years ago. hahahhaa.
So as you can guess the next polish is Fett's Vette.

 This polish is a gorgeous sky blue! Below is only two coats! It builds up so well. It has tons of different glitter, a very weird (in a good way) small almost bar glitter but not horrible like how I feel about all bar glitter. There are also a lot of hex glitters. Mostly silver and grey but what sucks it that I just noticed that there is giant blue circles in there. Damn I should have payed more attention and I would have fished those out.
Oh now we have Nrrrd Grrrl. This video is hilarious and THE BEST PART is that when I was first listening to the song I noticed a lyric that said 'destress by playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS' and I was literally fucking playing the new Animal Crossing on my 3DS when I was listening to this song and I could not stop laughing.

This polish reminds me a little of high school. Red and black combo always make me think a little bit about Hot Topic. This polish is a really pretty pinkish red full of little black hex glitter and giant black circles. It also has white circles, hexes and tiny little squares! They look so cute. hahaha. This polish was SUPER easy to apply and built up really great. I only used two coats, and I really didnt have to fish any glitter out of this one.

Last but not least we have Potato Cakes.
I really like this song also. Hahaha they are so silly and somewhat inappropriate. 

 Honestly I think this might be my least favorite of the whole collection. I tend to stay away from this shade of orange just because it doesnt look great with my skin tone. Of course I LOVE the giant hex glitter. But the polish was a little thick to apply which made it a little difficult. I mean the ultimate pay off did look great. It is a bright orange with lots of gold and white glitter of different shapes and sizes and I am gonna say it again. BIG HEX GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!
Overall I really like this collection. I think it is fun and original. And really surprising! I know for sure I will be wearing these polishes again. Honestly I have never really been let down by a Chirality polish. You can tell they take a lot of pride in the polishes they make. Be sure to check out their facebook page HERE from updates on sales, restocks and giveaways. To purchase their polish make sure to check out their Big Cartel store HERE and last but not least make sure to follow them on instagram @chiralitynailpolish and me @brittanymoody

Make sure to check out this awesome brand!

***These polishes were provided by the maker for my honest review***

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Fancy Pants

I recently received some most of the China Glaze Avant Garden collection from a good friend of mine.
Today I two gorgeous ones to show you and the perfect outfit they went with!

First I have Mimosa's Before Mani's. I normally stay away from anything orangy. So I wasnt totally positive I would like this color but once I put it on DAAAAAAAAAMN.

Below is two coats of this gorgeous coral color and it has this perfect golden shimmer.
Yeah it looks pretty damn good on me. hahahaha.

Look how gorgeous this color looks with this adorable flower blouse I got from Target. I love Target.
Next up we have Fancy Pants. What a funny name. Sadly I do not own anything I would call 'fancy pants'.

But now I have a polish with the name and what a pretty polish it is.
It is a gorgeous  purple/blue with a pink shimmer.
Below is two coats.

(for some reason the freaks come out if you show some toes.)

But as we can see this polish looked gorgeous on my toes with these awesome gold shoes guessed it, TARGET!

Cute flower blouse, jean shorts and gold sandals all went perfect with Mimosa's Before Mani's and Fancy Pants.

Now I need to catch up on the latest episode of Dexter.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Untired Polish Challenge Day 1

So I found this amazing and much needed challenge over on so props to her! And I encourage you to go check out her page!

I have WAY more then 19 untired polishes but this will get a few of them out of the way!
I think I am gonna go in order so I started with 'One Color'.

I happen to have been invited into a Birthday Polish group so even though my real birthday is in March my month in the group is June. March was taken. So there are 12 people in the group everyone sends packages so on your month you get ELEVEN PACKAGES! So that is why I have a mass amount of untireds at the moment.

This gorgeous beauty is Color Club Miss Bliss.
And it has been so sunny in Washington state so it is easy to get pretty pictures. Although I really hate the heat. Hahaha I complain because I think 75 is too hot. But I know it is hotter elsewhere. And as my sister says 'Brittany gets grumpy when it's hot, leave her alone." hahahaha so true.
Look how gorgeous the rainbow is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have two more from this collection that I will be showing off a little later.


Also I FINALLY figured out how to add gifs to my blog so expect a lot of them!

And before I forget I want to thank the lovely Mishka over at Accio Lacquer for making the gorgeous new banner at the top of my page!!! Make sure to go show her some love!

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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer is for Gradients!

It has been very sunny in Washington state which has been quite the surprise. And I was just really in the mood for some bright gradients! 

This first one I started with a base of Lime Crime Crema De Limon. Next I sponged on some Lime Crime Pastelchio and last but not least I put a little bit of China Glaze Aquadelic one the tips. While the polish was still a little tacking I used a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to blend the colors more. Once it was dry I used a matte white polish from the Born Pretty Store and a stamp from Bundle Monster plate 201.

And I did ANOTHER gradient! I was on a gradient high!

For this one I only used two colors!
I started with a base of Butter LONDON Fiver. I then sponged China Glaze Dance Baby on the tips. I did this while Fiver was still a little tacky, and while they were both I also added a coat of China Glaze Fairy Dust to even it all out.
And OH MAN this stamp! I have been wanting this plate from Nail Craze FOREVER and the lovely Missi Barry over at Different Dimension gifted it to me!
So I used the same Matte White from the Born Pretty Store and an image from Nail Craze plate NC02.

I think this gradient is my favorite of the two. 

So have you guys done any awesome gradients you want to show off? Feel free to go over to my facebook page at and post them for everyone to see.