Saturday, July 20, 2013

MC Chris For the Win!!!

Tonight I have a really fun collection from Chirality Polish. It is based on a bunch of MC Chris songs. Dont worry I will include the songs below. The collection is called MC Chris For the Win.
There are five polishes in the collection. When I first saw the bottle shots I wasnt too sure about how I felt about them. The colors looked so odd. But once I swatched them I was in love!!

First up we have Distant Lands. 
Here is the song that goes along with the polish!!!

I think it is my favorite out of the collection. It has a weird greenish shade base with purple hex and shard glitter, black giant circles and little hexes and some large holo circles!!!
Below is three coats. I did have to fish the bigger glitter out and dab it on but it still turned out great!

Next is Emo Party. Hahaha this song is fucking hilarious. You can listen to it below. Hahahahaha. You have no idea!

The polish is a gloomy grey (perfect color to go with the name) and it is full of red glitter of all different shapes and sizes. The only down side is that adding more coats does hide a glitter a bit so I also tried to just dab some on top after a few coats.

This song brings back sooooooo many memories! I had it on my MySpace! MySpace I am serious that was like a million years ago. hahahhaa.
So as you can guess the next polish is Fett's Vette.

 This polish is a gorgeous sky blue! Below is only two coats! It builds up so well. It has tons of different glitter, a very weird (in a good way) small almost bar glitter but not horrible like how I feel about all bar glitter. There are also a lot of hex glitters. Mostly silver and grey but what sucks it that I just noticed that there is giant blue circles in there. Damn I should have payed more attention and I would have fished those out.
Oh now we have Nrrrd Grrrl. This video is hilarious and THE BEST PART is that when I was first listening to the song I noticed a lyric that said 'destress by playing Animal Crossing on your Nintendo DS' and I was literally fucking playing the new Animal Crossing on my 3DS when I was listening to this song and I could not stop laughing.

This polish reminds me a little of high school. Red and black combo always make me think a little bit about Hot Topic. This polish is a really pretty pinkish red full of little black hex glitter and giant black circles. It also has white circles, hexes and tiny little squares! They look so cute. hahaha. This polish was SUPER easy to apply and built up really great. I only used two coats, and I really didnt have to fish any glitter out of this one.

Last but not least we have Potato Cakes.
I really like this song also. Hahaha they are so silly and somewhat inappropriate. 

 Honestly I think this might be my least favorite of the whole collection. I tend to stay away from this shade of orange just because it doesnt look great with my skin tone. Of course I LOVE the giant hex glitter. But the polish was a little thick to apply which made it a little difficult. I mean the ultimate pay off did look great. It is a bright orange with lots of gold and white glitter of different shapes and sizes and I am gonna say it again. BIG HEX GLITTER!!!!!!!!!!
Overall I really like this collection. I think it is fun and original. And really surprising! I know for sure I will be wearing these polishes again. Honestly I have never really been let down by a Chirality polish. You can tell they take a lot of pride in the polishes they make. Be sure to check out their facebook page HERE from updates on sales, restocks and giveaways. To purchase their polish make sure to check out their Big Cartel store HERE and last but not least make sure to follow them on instagram @chiralitynailpolish and me @brittanymoody

Make sure to check out this awesome brand!

***These polishes were provided by the maker for my honest review***

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