Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Untired Polish Challenge Day 1

So I found this amazing and much needed challenge over on www.justaddpolish.com so props to her! And I encourage you to go check out her page!

I have WAY more then 19 untired polishes but this will get a few of them out of the way!
I think I am gonna go in order so I started with 'One Color'.

I happen to have been invited into a Birthday Polish group so even though my real birthday is in March my month in the group is June. March was taken. So there are 12 people in the group everyone sends packages so on your month you get ELEVEN PACKAGES! So that is why I have a mass amount of untireds at the moment.

This gorgeous beauty is Color Club Miss Bliss.
And it has been so sunny in Washington state so it is easy to get pretty pictures. Although I really hate the heat. Hahaha I complain because I think 75 is too hot. But I know it is hotter elsewhere. And as my sister says 'Brittany gets grumpy when it's hot, leave her alone." hahahaha so true.
Look how gorgeous the rainbow is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have two more from this collection that I will be showing off a little later.


Also I FINALLY figured out how to add gifs to my blog so expect a lot of them!

And before I forget I want to thank the lovely Mishka over at Accio Lacquer for making the gorgeous new banner at the top of my page!!! Make sure to go show her some love!

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