Thursday, August 1, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge Day 4

Day 4 of the Untried Polish Challenge is Neutral.
And I have such a pretty one for you!

A lot of people dont like neutrals/browns/nudes because they think they are boring or dont go with their skin tone but there are like a million of them so just man up and try one out.

This is two coats of Chirarity Bromine. It is a GORGEOUS pinkish holo nude.
Bonus! It has an awesome story to go along with it! (stolen from Chirality's Big Cartel store description)
'She moved in closer to the mirror in her bathroom, checking under her eyes in her brief moment of being conceited, but she didn't care. It was her 35th birthday this Friday morning, and she had a growing list of things to do before her date tonight with Carl the chemist. He was the rich one. Tomorrow night is her date with Antoine the writer. He was the funny one. Both were equally handsome which she was excited about. She turned to look at tonight's dress she had laid out across the bed. It was a beautiful reddish-brown that clanged to her body tightly which was sure to turn heads. Can I play off wearing this dress two nights in a row, she wondered? Both dates were on opposite sides of the city. Who would know?'

I love the stories they come up with!
Below is also two coats. I wore this polish for a week before I took it off and it never chipped! And I didnt use a top coat either.

So gorgeous! 
Make sure to take a look at Chirality's store on Etsy HERE and Big Cartel HERE
Also make sure to follow their Facebook page HERE for up to date info on sales, restocks and new collections.


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