Thursday, September 26, 2013

#33DC Day 2 Your Most Used Color

Day two was was too easy for me. In my whole life I polish I have had the most of a love affair with is China Glaze Riveter Rouge. 
This is the ONLY polish ever that I have had to buy a second bottle!

This is my second bottle and you can already see it is almost half way gone! That is just mind blowing considering the amount of polish I own.


I almost always Riveter Rouge on my toes. It is just an amazing color to go with my super pale skin. I recommend this color constantly. And also buy it for people all the time.

What do you guy think of this color? Love? Hate?

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  1. Riveter Rouge, huh?!? I actually don't even own that one! Gonna buy it now though!! Thanks!


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