Tuesday, September 24, 2013

#33DC Day1 Dots

Time for a challenge!!
Introducing the 33 Day Challenge!!!!
This challenge is being run through Crumpet's Nail Tarts. (refer to THIS post for info)
I really didnt want to do the 31DC challenge with its love of water marble. Bleh.
I saw this on over on The Crumpet and it is not an everyday challenge. Which for me the the best part. Challenge days are Monday's Wednesday's and Friday's. So from now on I will be using the #33DC.

So Day1 is dots! And man can I just admit to all of you that my dotting tools have seen better days. I havent used them in over a year. I just never really think about dotted manicures. This is on the the reasons I love challenges so much!

Below are my colors and tools. I used Lime Crime Milky Ways, China Glaze Dance Baby, Chirality Convergance and Different Dimension Ditz.

 I start with a base of Lime Crime Milky Ways. Most nails only needed two coats but a couple needed three for full coverage with no streaks.
I then started out by using Chirality Convergance and the biggest dotting tool to and randomly placed them. But kept in mind that I am trying to keep the whole design confined to the middle parts of the nails.

I then went one size down in dotting tool and added dots using China Glaze Dance Baby. And last but not least I took the smallest dotting tool and added a little Different Dimension Ditz.

And ended the whole thing with a thick coat of Sally Hansen Insa-Dri Top coat.


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