Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nails From the Crypt

Today I have Chirality's new collection Nails from the Crypt!

I love when they put some horror into their creations. Getting to know Amanda and Jason has let me know I am not the only one with a somewhat unhealthy horror addiction. I love the interesting creations they come up with. They always come up with creations so unique you really cant find them anywhere else. 

First up we have (S)cream Queen. 
This is Chilarity's first creme polish although I might classify it more as a crelly because it does have a little bit of a jelly consistencies. 
(S)cream Queen is a gorgeous maroon plum, I think that is how I would best describe it. 
It took 3 coats for full coverage.

I also included a picture using flash and it still looks just as gorgeous.

Next we have Cropsy.
And I have a fun story to go along with it.
"The first day at Camp Blackfoot has come to end and all of the campers and counselors have gathered around the large bonfire outside the campgrounds. Everyone was sitting around laughing and conversing while eating marshmallows. As the head counselor made his way up to the fire, everyone began to quiet down. The counselor stood there in silence, looking at each and every person around the fire. They knew what was coming and some were already getting scared. "Who's ready for a story", he asked, which was immediately met with cheers from everyone. He began talking about the camp and how much it has changed over the years, especially after....the accident. Everyone perked up immediately, wondering what accident the counselor could be referring to. He went on to talk about the foolish groundkeeper who was an angry drunk and mean to most of the young campers. Those same young campers decided to play a trick on that mean old groundskeeper, but their trick went out of control and the groundkeeper became horribly disfigured. Some of the campers began to chuckle at the idea of a disfigured monster roaming the camp. The counselor remained serious and tone; even raising his voice a little to warn the kids that the old groundskeeper swore revenge on everyone. A hush fell over the campfire. Dead branches in the distance began to snap, which made a few of the kids gasp. "He's out there....watching us.....waiting for the perfect moment to exact his revenge....and when he does....pray he doesn't come for you." Every one at the fire stared up at the counselor as he delivered each terrifying word, unaware that everyone was staring at the dark figure behind him with large shears."
 Jason and Amanda always have the best themes for their creations. 
But also there's a movie.

So Cropsy is a glitter polish in a sheer yellow base. It is full of red and yellow glitter of all shapes and sizes, giant circles, shards, hexes and teeny tiny glitters. It definitely reminds me of a campfire where all the best horror stories are told. Duh. 

Below I put two coats of Cropsy over one coat of Different Dimension Tubular.

Devil's Night is by far my favorite of the collection. It is hard to describe, almost a deep dark burgundy, almost brown but not quite but the best part is THE BLUE IRIDESCENT SHIMMER!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!
I tried my best to capture it but it is hard. Which sucks because it is so prominent in real life. 
In the pic below you can best see it on my ring finger. This picture does no justice. But alas it was the best I could do with an iPhone.
And next we have I Got a Rock.
And we all know Chirality cant have a collection without at least one holo!

I Got a Rock is a muddy chocolate holo and it so perfect for all the cold autumn weather heading our way.
Below I used two coats and no top coat. It is so pretty and I needed a color like this in my collection. 

You can see the holo a little bit better in the picture below that I took with flash.

And last but not least we have The Stuff.

This is Chirality's first matte polish and I have to say they nailed it!
It is a gorgeous purple with little gold flakies in it.
It only took two coats for full coverage.
This is my second favorite of the collection. And it looks amazing!
Chirality did an awesome job with this collection and with introducing new finishes that we havent seen from them before. I was very impressed. 

Make sure you go and pick up this amazing new collection tomorrow on Chirality's Big Cartel store HERE and their Esty HERE. And while you are there make sure to check out their other collections including my favorite the Cereal Killer collections!
Make sure to follow them on Facebook as well for up to date news on new collections, sales, and giveaways. And follow on instagram for fun pictures @chiralitynailpolish and be sure to follow me too @brittanymoody.


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