Monday, October 21, 2013

Florals are such a good way to brighten up rainy days.

So the past week or so it has been starting to get really gross outside here in Washington. Rainy and grey. I know, I know so stereotypical of this state. 

About a month or so ago my friend Missi sent me some gorgeous nail mail and these nail wraps or whatever they may be called were included. 
They are called Dashing Diva Design FX, at least thats what it says on the package. And what a gorgeous floral design!!!
It comes with 34 in all different sizes. 

I decided to accent  them with OPI DS Extravagance. 
They were super simple to put on. Almost exactly like the Sally Hansen ones but like 10x better.

I love these and I have a ton left over since I just cut most of them in half.  I will be using them again in the future! Stay tuned!

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