Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pahlish Coney Island Queen

I have an amazing collection to show all of you. You have probably all seen it but it was a huge lemming and now it is finally mine!!! And these are my first polishes from this brand!

So below we have a the gorgeous Coney Island Queen collection. A six piece collection based on lyrics and style of Lana Del Rey and man I love her! So I just had to have it!

"Because I'm crazy, baby I need you to come here and save me
I'm your little scarlet, starlet singing in the garden
Kiss me on my open mouth"

This polish is a gorgeous creamy sage green base with darker olive colored glitter and some glass fleck. It applies perfectly in two coats. 

"But he headed out on Sunday
Said he'd come home Monday
I stayed up waiting, anticipating and pacing
But he was chasing papers
Caught up in the game
That was the last I heard."

This beauty is called Anticipating and Pacing. I really thought this would be my least favorite of the collection but has ended up being one of my favorites. It is a gorgeous shade of coral with gorgeous blue glitter. Look perfect in two coats!

"God I'm so crazy, baby, I'm sorry that I'm misbehaving
I'm your little harlot, starlet, Queen of Coney Island
Raising hell all over town
Sorry 'bout it"

Yet another beautiful creation. And these polishes really do fit perfectly with their names. 
This is a rich champagne cream base full of golden shimmer. The golden flecks are so beautiful! 
Two coats for full coverage.

"She gives them butterflies, bats her cartoon eyes
She laughs like god, her mind's like a diamond
Audio tune lies, she's still shining
Like lightning, ohh, like lightning"

I love Mind Like a Diamond. It is a creamy greige with shimmering charcoal and taupe microflakes. Fully opaque in two coats!

"Pick me up and take me like a vitamin
'Cause my body's sweet like sugar venom oh yeah
Baby love me cause I'm playing on the radio.
(How do you like me now?)"

Now this might not be my favorite because it is not a shade of pink I would normally where. It is a very bright creamy pink filled with bright berry pink glitters. As well as every other polish in the collection this also goes on extremely well!

Last but not least we have His Favorite Sundress.

"Open up a beer
And you say, Get over here
And play a video game.
I'm in his favorite sundress
Watching me get undressed
Take that body downtown"

His Favorite Sundress is a creamy sorbet orange color with orange glitter sprinkled through out. 

Now I have to admit this was my least favorite of the group. Application was a little iffy, I had to use three coats to get full coverage and even then some nails did not have as much glitter as the others. 

Over all this is an amazing collection and I am so happy I was able to buy it before it was taken off etsy. Not happy that I waited so long. That was a mistake. hahaha but worth the wait for sure.

Sorry I have been posting much on my blog. I started a new job that has kept me pretty busy. But I still paint my nails almost everyday and you can see them by following my instagram account @brittanymoody


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