Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Yay for the start of Movember!!!
Much like people sporting pink for breast cancer awareness. Growing out a awesome stashe will rasie awareness for men's health, including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health. If you are in the dark about this cause or would like some more information click this link

This cause is important to me because one of the most amazing men I know, my grandpa, died of prostate cancer. He was an amazing man and I was sad to see him go but it makes me happy that he is no longer in pain. Whats more awesome is that my grandpa always rocked a badass mustache. 
Him and I when I was super little obvioulsy.
And below are some older pictures of him and my grandma, sorry they may be a little blurry, they are old pics.

I miss him everyday and that is why I am doing a Movember mani in honor of my grandpa.

For this mani I started off with a base of Lucky 13 Lacquer Softening the Bad Things. It is a gorgeous polish with a light blue base and amazing gold glitters. This polish was limited edition but Lucky 13 has more amazing polish! You can check it out here! I then used Mentality Scoundrel for the stamping. 

I was very lucky to have my friend Joanne surprise me with my first MoYou plate! Rebel Collection 01. Check out their site here.
So I used a different mustache on each nail. 

What are your thoughts on Movember? Do you think it is a good way to support this cause?
I think it may be a fun way support something incredibly important. 


  1. awww. what an awesome post. my grandpa never wore a mustache but he was definitely my favoritest person in the world.

  2. An amazing and very inspiring post - your Grandpa had a great Mo :) I've also got Mo's on my nails for Movember but they're not as awesome as your's...! Mo on!

  3. This is so amazing. YOU are so amazing. <3


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