Saturday, November 29, 2014

Wonderful Winter Giveaway!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!

I told you a giveaway was coming! And here it is!!!!
I know I am excited too!

 Looks at all this fun stuff!!!

 First up we have China Glaze Chillin' With My Snow-Mies*

*Polish was purchased by myself.

I previously posted that I found this swatch on google and was unsure of who to credit, but this swatch comes from Peachy Polish! You can check out her blog HERE

 Then we have the gorgeous Something Frosty donated by the wonderful Cassandra of Sweet Heart Polish. See more of her beautiful polish HERE
I do not have a swatch for this polish as only a few bottles were ever made.

Next up we have a gorgeous polish donated by Chirality. You can buy even more beauties HERE

Swatch used with permission by Cosmetics Sanctuary

 Missi over at Different Dimension donated Nobody Elsa but You from her Winter collection. 

This gorgeous swatch was used with permission from Cosmetic Sanctuary. Check out more of her swatches HERE

 Now on to some nail art goodies! The lovely Linda over at Nail Vinyls donated some awesome stencils! I serioulsy use them constantly. She also donated a rad decal! I am gonna need one of those to go on my helmer. You can see more of her products HERE. I also included my favorite clean up brush ever! And some silver glequins! Perfect for winter manis!

There will be one winner for this giveaway. And I am so sorry to my international loves but this will be a US only giveaway. And the winner will also receive a couple extra secret goodies!

Now for some rules. You must have a public profile on Facebook and Instagram. If I can not confirm your entry you will not be eligible to win. 
Rafflecopter will not let me include Sweet Heart Polish's instagram, even though when I wrote it into the thing it was correct, There are underscores on either side of heart. Please follow her on instagram @sweet_heart_polish

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fall Mani and a Special Announcement!

While all I am seeing on instagram and facebook are winter manis, but I am not yet ready for snow flakes.

I chose to do a warm Fall gradient. 
I started with a base of Lacquer Lust Sunkissed.

After that had dried, I used a makeup sponge to do a gradient using Lacquer Lust Sunkissed, Orly Rock-It and Picture Polish Demeter.

I then used Essie Penny Talk to stamp some leaves from Bundle Monster plate BM04.
I thought it turned out rather well and am hesitant to take it off. :)

Until next time,


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Monday, November 10, 2014

Different Dimension Shooting Stars part 2

I have another gorgeous Shooting Star duo from Different Dimension today.
First up we have Cassiopeia. Now in Greek mythology Cassiopeia had a very interesting life, and it is related to the last two Different Dimension Shooting Star polishes I showed you HERE.
Now Cassiopeia was Andromeda's vain and boastful mother, she claimed that her daughter was more beautiful than all the sea nymphs, resulting in her having to sacrifice her daughter to a horrible sea monster.

Cassiopeia was made into a constellation, but the sea nymphs that she had insulted still had some say in the matter and she circles Polaris our North Star forcing her to be upside down for half the time, to teach her humility.

This polish is a gorgeous pink holo with teeny gold flakes mixed in. I used two coats in the pictures above.

Next up we have Perseus which is my favorite of the two. Perseus also plays a major part in Greek Mythology, as well as recent pop culture. Perseus was a son of Zeus, he was the hero that chopped off Medusa's head in order to provide a wedding gift to appease an awful king, on his way back he saw a women chained to rocks on the coast line, aside from her tears in hair, he would have believe her a statue. That woman was none other then Andromeda, the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. As the sea monster approached, Perseus turn it to stone with Medusa's head.

Perseus is a gorgeous minty green creme/jelly polish full of gold flakes and micro glitter in an assortment of colors!
I used two coats with a thick top coat of SV.


Now this duo had an extremely limited release and it is unlikely that we will see them again. But Missi is going to keep this train rolling with more Shooting Stars being available is small batches for limited times. In order to stay up to date with all of this make sure that you follow Different Dimension on Facebook HERE, and on instagram @missibarry.
 You can also follow my instagram @brittanymoody

Until next time

Monday, November 3, 2014

Different Dimension Shooting Stars

Today I have the first set of Different Dimension's very limited edition line of Shooting Star polishes! Now these two polishes came out two weeks ago? I hadn't had time to swatch and wight about them till now because working 11am-8pm sucks up a lot of time for swatching. 
First up we have Andromeda! 

In Greek mythology, Andromeda is the daughter of King Cepheus and Cassiopeia, because Andromeda's mom Cassiopeia was incredibly vain and believed herself to be even more beautiful then all the Nereids (sea nymphs). As punishment Poseidon commanded a sea monster attack the kingdom so Andromeda was chained to a rock as sacrifice to the appease the monster.

Andromeda is a gorgeous berry red holographic polish, above is two coats with one coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly. I was able to wear this for close two weeks with no chips.

Next up we have Cepheus. In mythology Cepheus is King of Aethiopia and husband of Cassiopeia. He was also the father of Andromeda.  When Poseidon sent the sea monster to attack the kingdom, Cepheus and Cassiopeia consulted an oracle that told then to sacrifice Andromeda.

Cepheus is a gorgeous polish for Fall. This is a beautiful brown polish full of brown, gold and bronze flakies. It is gorgeous and some of the flakes have a holographic shimmer in the right light. I used two coats below. The polish dries with a little bit of texture so I used two coats of Gelous and then a thick coat of SV.

This shooting star is sold out, and it went fast but Missi will be releasing one or two shooting star polish every other week, unless she decides otherwise. You can find her polish in her store HERE and make sure to follow her on Facebook HERE and on instagram @missibarry, you can also follow me on instagram @brittanymoody

 I can not wait until next weeks Shooting Star release! Until next time

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Guess who got new plates!?

I normally buy my moyou plates through someone in the UK, but I finally made my first purchase. Of course after a few painstaking hours deciding which to buy. I landed on these four.
 Sci Fi plate 04, Hipster 08, Kitty 11 and Comics Girl 05.

First up I have a gradient using my favorite polish of all time Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet and a wonderful polish by Different Dimension Garden Goddess.

I then used a stamp from plate Hipster08 using BK Matte White.

Next up I have a another gradient using China Glaze Sunset Sail and Pinkie Promise.

And I know I use this stamp all the time but what girl doesn't love making a wish on a dandelion? The stamp is from Kitty02.

What is your favorite MoYou plate?


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cosmologically Speaking 4th and Final Part!

Oh how I love this collection. Although I may be a bit biased, I always love Missi's creations.

First up we have Halley's Comet, this is a gorgeous lavender polish with a golden shimmer. I used two coats.

 Halley's Comet only passes by us every 75 years, where it is bright enough to see with the human eye, but it is not due to pass by again until 2061! That is a long wait. 
The first recorded sighting was all the way back in 239BC it wasnt discovered that it was the same comet with every sighting until Edmond Halley observed it 3 separate times, below is a picture. 

Next up we have Black Hole. Black Hole is a gorgeous black polish with purple glittery flakes. Below I used 3 thin coats.

 Black holes of stellar mass are expected to form when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses may form. There is general consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies. There is even a black hole at the middle of our galaxy.

 Now we have Milky Way, another gorgeous black polish with golden green flaky polish. Below I used 3 thin coats.

The Milky Way galaxy is the galaxy that we call home! There are over 400 billion stars in our galaxy and almost as many planets! There is a lot to discover out there. 

 White Dwarf is a very pretty polish. This polish is a light grey nude polish with pinky golden flakes. Below is two thing coats.

 The stars we see in the sky eventually most of the stars we see will turn into white dwarfs, the last observable stage for low- and medium-mass stars. These dim stellar corpses dot the galaxy, leftovers from brightly burning stars. But bigger stars will explode into a supernova and then collapse into a black hole and never become a white dwarf. But our sun really isnt that big in the scheme of things and will eventually because a white dwarf as well.

Last but not least we have my favorite of the entire collection. This is Pulsar and it is amazing! This is a gorgeous purpley blue polish with a bronzy shimmer. Below I used two coats.

Stars that do not have enough mass to become a black hole but too much to become white dwarf become pulsars which is a type of neutron star. They emit radio waves several times per second and that is how we are able to find and observe them. 

And the last image I will leave you with is Pulsar with images from one of my new MoYou plates. These stamps are from Sci Fi plate 04 using Essie Penny Talk.

You can find this collection and other gorgeous creations HERE at the Different Dimension store and make sure to like Different Dimension on Facebook HERE.
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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cosmologically Speaking Part 3!

Honestly I can not get enough of this collection! Anything space related intrigues me!! Plus Missi always makes amazing polishes. I own way too many of them.

I have three more polishes to show you, and one more post after this. To many polishes for one post and that damned 9-5 job. (Its actually 11-8) Anyways on to the polish!

First we have maybe my favorite polish. Watch this little video and you will not exactly what I am talking about.

Now I love me some Neil deGrasse Tyson but just as the name of this polish Pluto Is Still a Planet to Me.

What a gorgeous ode to Pluto our ninth planet. This polish is a gorgeous blue with a hint of silvery gold shimmer. The picture above shows two coats.

I think we can all agree it Pluto should have been grandfathered in. From the time it was discovered to the time it was demoted it didn't even make a full orbit around out sun. Poor Pluto.

Next up we have Luminosity, in astronomy, luminosity is the total amount of energy emitted by a stargalaxy, or other astronomical object per unit time. It is related to brightness, which is the luminosity of an object in a given spectral region, (yes that was blatantly copied from Wikipedia but it was better than I could described.) This is a gorgeous rose color with coppery gold shimmer and flakes. It looks amazing on the nail. Better than in the bottle!!

And last we have Supernova! 
A Supernova is a pretty exciting astronomical event. Of course we hope it won't happen anywhere near us. The extremely luminous burst of radiation expels much or all of a star's material and these are stars bigger than the sun! But don't worry the last observed Supernova was in 1604.
I wore this polish for a week! It is such a gorgeous black polish full of blue and purple shimmer. It looks amazing in the sun! Although I live in Washington so it is only out sometimes. 

And I couldn't help but add a little bling to this polish. I used silver studs, rhinestones, and other glitters all from bornprettystore. I added all these and then a thick top coat of SV. Like I said lasted all week!

Are you convinced yet? That you need all these polishes!? Just wait till next week when I finish showing you the entire collection! Plus SPACE!!!

These polishes are available at the Different Dimension store HERE and you can also check out the Different Dimension Facebook page HERE for updates on new collections, sales and all other awesomeness! You can also follow Missi on instagram @missibarry and you can also follow me @brittanymoody

Until next time. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Cosmologically Speaking Part 2

Time for Cosmologically Speaking Part 2!!!
I can not get enough of these polishes  it is such a gorgeous collection.

For the manicures below I used Different Dimension Solar Flares, Light Year, and Speed of Light. For other accents I used Different Dimension Chocolate, Essie Good As Gold, China Glaze I'm Not Lion and Sweat Heart Polish Glamourous. And least but not least a stamp from Bundle Monster plate BM301.

No one likes words but we all love pictures so on to the photos!!!

 First up we have two coats of Light Year. It is so gorgeous in the sun!!!

I decided to add a little extra to Light year by adding an accent nail of China Glaze I'm Not Lion. I also used some star stencils from Nail Vinyls using Different Dimension Chocolate.  

Now we have Speed of Light, this is my favorite of the three. The grey/purple with the pinkish/gold shimmer. Breathtaking!

And of course I had to add a little something extra!! I used Essie Good as Gold to stamp an image from Bundle Monster plate BM301. &&then I got this awesome stars to use that of course go great with a space collection.


Last but not least we have Solar Flares! I am seriously falling in love with this color and people that see me wearing it want it as well. 

And then I added a coat of Sweet Heart polish Glamorous. I almost need a second bottle of Glamorous is looks amazing on top of Solar Flares!!

Make sure to check out all of the polishes in Missi's Cosmologically Speaking collection. You can check out her Facebook HERE and her store HERE
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cosmologically Speaking part 1

Today I have three polishes from the Cosmologically Speaking collection from Different Dimension. I honestly cant even pretend to have a favorite because they are all amazing! 

So I am going to skip the long post and get right to what you want! The pictures!

First up I have the gorgeous Big Bang, this is a polish jammed packed with glitter! I have never had a glitter like this! It is opaque in TWO coats! I saw on other review people were saying how well it worked as a glitter gradient but I wanted to try something a little different so I used Barry M Grapefruit and some scotch tape to make the triangle moons. Topped it all off with a coat of Nail Pattern Boldness Glitter food.

Next up we have two coats of Heavenly Waters with no top coat in direct sunlight.

 Also two coats, no top coat direct sunlight.

And last but not least for this post we have two coats of the lovely Ultraviolet! Two coats, no top coat and direct sunlight.

These pictures seriously speak for themselves. How can you not love the amazingness of these polishes!? Missi has really out done herself this time!!

That is all for this post. I will have upcoming posts showing the reset of the collection!
This 14 piece collection is available now in her Etsy store HERE and pay attention to her Facebook HERE for up to date info on restocks, giveaways and new collections! You can also follow Different Dimension on instagram @missibarry as well as myself @brittanymoody

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mint Sorbet and I'm Not Lion

Today I have some nail art with my favorite nail polish of all time.
Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet. I just can't help it I keep coming back to it time after time and it is the only polish that I actually used up a whole bottle! I honestly didnt even think that was possible. 

 For this mani I used Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet, China Glaze I'm Not Lion and China Glaze White on White.

I used striping tape to create perfect lines and added some circle studs from the bornprettystore.
I topped everything off with a coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly.