Thursday, January 23, 2014

Guess What!? More Sweet Heart Polish!

I am gonna keep this post short and sweet because headaches ruin lives!
In store for you I have not one but THREE polishes to show you from Sweet Heart Polish.

First up we have 30% Chance It Is Already Raining. I love the name. This polish is jam packed with glitter. and it only takes two coats for full coverage. It has a gorgeous mix of holo pink, gold, and maybe some red glitters of different shapes and sizes all in a gorgeous firey copper polish! Love this.

Next up we have Glamorous! Holy fucking shit!
This polish is amazing! It has all the gorgeous goodness any girl needs and it applies like a dream. The purple stars took a minimal fishing but sooooo worth it, obviously, look at the picture! It is full of gold glitter in different shapes and sizes. It even has iridescent glitter that looks blue and purple. And I cant not mention those big holo round glitter and the cute purple stars!!!!!! 

I layered two coats of Glamorous over two coats of OPI I Sing in Color from the new Gwen Stefani collection which was generously given to me buy a friend.
Topped the whole thing off with a coat of SV and there you have it?

And last but not least we have Mermaid Magic. 
I was on the fence about this polish because I didnt like the first swatched that showed up, but then Mishka over at Accio Lacquer showed me her post over a dark purple and I fell in love and added it to the basket!
So below I have two coats of Mermaid Magic, which is a beautiful iridescent blue/green polish with big round holo teal glitters and all other shapes, sizes and shades of blue glitters. I used two coats of Mermaid Magic over two coats of OPI I Sing in Color
And an extra stamp surprise!!!!!!!!

I had to whip out a mermaid stamp for this polish!!! The mermaid is from plate Konad m34. I used Sally Hansen Silver Sweep over two coats of OPI I Sing in Color.

Sweet Heart Polish has all these polishes for sale and you can check out her store HERE.
And all make sure to check out her FACEBOOK for updates on new collections and restocks. And she is also on instagram! You can follow her @sweet_heart_polish

You can always follow me @brittanymoody to see sneak peeks at what will be on the blog each week!

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