Tuesday, January 28, 2014

It's Just a Jump to the Left

Oh man you guys. I have some amazing polishes from The Lady Varnishes to show you tonight.
And they have the best theme EVER!

A little background from what I am assuming is a very small percentage of people who haven't seen this classic tale.You have Brad and Janet and their car breaks down, they see a light and find the house of Dr. Frankenfurter who is holding a get together for his colleagues. On the night Brad and Janet show up the doctor is unveiling his newest creation Rocky! And this is a musical. Yes I know it is amazing.

Also I watched this movie WAYYYY too young because later I go back and see scenes like this:

or this:

And I am like what were my parents thinking?? Hahaha but they were the ones that went to see it in drive in theaters with the toilet paper and newspaper. 
I hope you made it through all that because I have 3 polishes from this gorgeous collection to show you!

 First up we have Inside I'm Bleeding.
This polish is a gorgeous periwinkle with teeny tiny red micro glitters and a barely there pink shimmer. I used just two coats and topped it off with a coat of SV.
This polish is so pretty up close I am just no good with macros. :(

Next we have I Didn't Make Him FOR YOU.

If you can look away from that gif for one moment here is the gorgeous polish!

This is a gold glitter to end all gold glitters. It covers completely in two coats! No need for undies!
It has all shapes and sizes of gold glitter and shimmer. Its like all you ever needed in a glitter polish and 

Last but not least we have my favorite Don't Dream It. Be It.
Oh this polish is such a gorgeous aqua, blue/green polish with blue, gold and black flecks that build up so nicely together and dont smother each other out with each coat there is also a darker blue micro glitter. 
I only used two coats below.

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***These products were sent to me for my honest opinions***

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  1. I need these! LOVE Rocky Horror and love that someone did Rocky Horror themed polishes!!


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