Monday, April 28, 2014

Welcome Foolish Mortals, to the Haunted Mansion

I have two gorgeous polishes to show you today. AND it is an awesome collab between The Lady Varnishes and Sweet Heart Polish. Two of the coolest indie polish makers ever!

Fun fact about The Haunted Mansion ride, or not fun fact. It seems that quite a few people like to scatter family members ashes on the ride. If that doesnt make it more creepy. I dont know what does.

On to the polish!
First up with have The Lady Varnishes Welcome, Foolish Mortals.

Welcome, Foolish Mortals is a a greenish grey color, close to that of rotting flesh. But this one has gorgeous iridescent glitters packed in. My picture really does no justice to how gorgeous this polish really is. And IT GLOWS IN THE DARK! Unfortunately I was unable to catch that effect but you can check out a review from Accio Lacquer right HERE. She has awesome pics showing the glow factor.

Next up we have Sweet Heart Polish's Hurry Ba-ack.
I found this polish to be very fun.  It has gorgeous neon hex glitters and tiny micro glitters in a sheer black base.
I used three coats in the picture below. 

In this picture I used one coat of Hurry Ba-ack over OPI I Sing in Color. I loved how it looked for this polish to be layered over this dark purple. 

The Grim Grinning Ghosts duo will be released on 4/30/14 for a VERY limited first run. There will be 15 duos available in each shop for a total of 30 sets. And incase you arent convinced, in true Disney fashion, there is a single hidden Mickey glitter in each bottle of polish from the collection.

Be sure to check out the links below and purchase your own duo starting Wednesday!

The Lady Varnishes

Sweet Heart Polish

I hope you are able to snag yourself a set before they are gone!



  1. Ooohhh Brittany!!!! I love it! Thank you so much!!!! :D

  2. Awh thanks! I love your polishes!


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