Friday, June 6, 2014

It Was Back in 1928

Today I have two gorgeous polishes from Sweet Heart Polish. Man I have just not get enough of them. 

Now I know everyone knows that Mickey is the face of Disney but he started out in a little short named Steam Boat Willie back in 1928!
Steamboat Willie is a mix of black, white and iridescent glitter with silver holographic mouse heads in a clear base. I layered over light blue!

And we cant forget Mickey's number one girl Minnie!
And here we have 3 thin coats of Bow-tique Pink.
This polish is a gorgeous magenta jelly with white bows and hex glitters!
This one layers so well, it is my favorite out of the two.

Check out these two and many more amazing polishes over on Sweet Heart Polish's ETSY and be sure to follow her on FACEBOOK for up to date details on new collections, restocks, and gorgeous preview swatches!


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