Saturday, April 18, 2015

Incidental Twin Polish!

So this is pretty damn embarrassing! I have not written an actual blog post since forever, but I just got some awesome new polish that just so happen to be inspired by my favorite fandom. So of course I have gifs!! Because that fandom has a gif for freaking everything!

First up we have Stolen Grace!

Now we all remember that dick Metatron in season 8 stole Castiel's grace in order to expel all the angels from heaven. 

As evil as that was this polish is amazing!!!

This gorgeous polish is called Stolen Grace.And it is beautiful!!!

Look at the gorgeous blue and white shimmer this baby has!! I layered two costs of Stolen Grace over two coats of OPI I Sing in Color.
These pictures were both taken outside in overcast. Because I live the pacific north west.

Oh and now we have a polish called Still in the Cage.
Oh poor Adam, us fans still remember that you are down in the cage with Micheal and Lucifer. After season 5, it wasn't mentioned again until the Fan Fiction episode of season 10.

Here is  gorgeous polish dedicated to the forgotten half brother of the Winchesters!
This polish is called Still in the Cage.

This a gorgeous dark grey polish filled with red and gold glitter and micro flakes,

I used three thin coats of this polish in these two pictures. It drives with a little bit of texture so I added a coat of Gelous and a coat of my ALL TIME FAVORITE top coat Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

Last but not least is my favorite and basically coolest polish around!!
Enjoy the gifs and scroll down!

YES!!! It is a polish called Salt and Burn!!!!!

Seriously you guys if you could only buy one Supernatural inspired polish, this should be it!!
Salt and Burn has a little something extra about it! The dark pigment IS ACTUAL CHARCOAL!! 
And it is textured with freaking salt!!!

I used three thin coats of this beauty. It is very sheer but builds up nicely. I am a sucker for giant hex glitter but it did take a little fishing. It is also filled with smaller white glitters and teeny orange glitter!

If you want your own bottles to add to your collection rush right over the Incidental Twin's etsy shop HERE to buy your own! She has tons of other geeky polishes as well, if you are not crazy obsessed with Supernatural as I am. You can also check out her facebook page HERE.And stay tuned! I reached over 6000 likes on my Facebook page HERE and will soon be having a massive indie giveaway soon, including some from Incidental Twin!


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